Verizon’s iPhone 5 Is Already Unlocked, Ready For GSM SIMs

While unlocked versions of the iPhone 5 are not expected for at least several weeks customers at Verizon Wireless are being handed CDMA/GSM dual-mode smartphones with unlocked international SIM capabilities.

Customers who have tried SIM cards have been met with HSPA+ network speeds while AT&T nano-SIMs appear to play nice with 4G LTE service. The device does not require an unlock code to work which is rare for a high profile smartphone. In fact even phones purchased under contact are unlocked for international travel.

Verizon requires a dual-mode iPhone 5 because the company’s CDMA network is not used by most carriers around the world who rely on the use of SIM cards and GSM cellular technology.

T-Mobile has been encouraging customers to give unlocked iPhone devices a try on their network, we just didn’t think T-Mobile would be getting the help they wanted from a competitor.

Just remember that 4G LTE may not work in all parts of the world or across US carriers for that matter where variations on the technology can require different 4G LTE hardware and software. There are currently three versions of the iPhone 5 available because of differences in 4G LTE technology.

Here’s a video that reveals the use of unlocked iPhone 5 smartphones for the Verizon Wireless cellular network:

The days of waiting to unlock a phone may be over at Verizon Wireless but customers who sign up for a two-year contract are not really beating the system, cancelling a Verizon Wireless plan comes with a hefty early termination fee that is likely more cost prohibitive than just buying an unlocked version of the iPhone 5.