WWE News: Big Update On Alberto Del Rio Possibly Leaving WWE In October

WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio has been the subject of various rumors over the last few months. When he came back to the WWE last year, beating John Cena for the WWE United States Title, most expected WWE would use him quite well. Signing a one-year deal, it put WWE in a bit of a pickle, however. They knew Del Rio was certainly worthy of being paid well, but he was not worthy of the money top guys would make.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly did want to push Alberto a few times, but Triple H rejected the idea of it, and Vince went along with what The Game had to say. The rumor is that Triple H does not like Del Rio, and feels he is tough to do business with. Now with a new update on Del Rio, according to Daily Wrestling News, it appears that Alberto will leave the company when his contract comes up.

Triple H felt that Del Rio’s contract status was an issue, and pushing him then would require WWE to put out more money to keep him, most likely. In an interesting note, while it was just rumored that The Game did not like Alberto Del Rio, it is now going around in the back a lot more. This means, if he didn’t already know, that Del Rio would have heard of this by now. The worst part of this issue with Del Rio is that it does not affect just Alberto.

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Many believe if Alberto Del Rio leaves when his deal is up, his girlfriend, WWE Superstar Paige, may also go when her deal comes up. While her deal is not known, she is currently out with an injury, and the timing of it is quite interesting, to say the least. The two were split in the WWE Draft, with Paige going to WWE RAW while Alberto Del Rio went to WWE SmackDown Live! It is being reported that this was done around the time Paige removed all pictures of her and Del Rio from her Instagram account, which curiously happened right at draft time.

Mysteriously, they were added right back days later, but WWE had thought the two were through, which may have been why they were separated in the draft. It was odd that just the pictures with Del Rio were removed and not any others, so the theory is that the two had a fight and made up shortly after.

The separation clearly upset both, and the thought is that Del Rio could be swayed into staying with a brand move. However, it does not seem he will stay regardless, due to his treatment since he has returned. With a top management figure not liking you, it is tough to succeed.

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Why would he want to stay knowing he had no shot to move up in the company as a top star? It seemed almost immediately after he arrived, he was thrown into a group and given nothing of note afterward.

WWE now has to cater to Del Rio to keep him, and it is doubtful they will do so despite SmackDown needing more mid-card heels. With the possibility of Alberto Del Rio leaving and Paige maybe following him, there is some worry that Triple H’s bias toward Del Rio may cost the company in a time when they really need both superstars. While WWE does not need Del Rio or even Paige to keep going, as people leave all the time, the issue is that both have a use and losing even one of them could be tough in this brand split situation.

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