Millie Bobby Brown: Several Things You May Not Know About The ‘Stranger Things’ Star, Including Her Love For Her Record Player

Millie Bobby Brown has an extremely bright future ahead of her, thanks to her role as Eleven on the uber-popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Here are several interesting things you may not know about Millie, including her love of listening to music on her record player.

According to the Daily Mail, Millie’s parents sold all of their belongings in order to make their move to Hollywood possible. At that point, none of them had any idea that Millie would one day be the sensation of a Netflix series, even overshadowing the popularity of Winona Ryder.

Millie Bobby Brown, aka Eleven, already has a huge following, when it comes to interested fans. People are dressing like her and getting the word “Eleven” tattooed on their arms. Even so, Millie didn’t experience overnight success.

After arriving in the United States, the family found themselves facing financial difficulties, which almost forced the Brown’s to file for bankruptcy. Millie’s manager even lent her parents money in an effort to help them survive when things were especially rough. In a recent interview, Millie revealed that “there were lots of tears along the way.”

Before Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown got a few small parts on shows to include Modern Family, NCIS, and Grey’s Anatomy. But, that wasn’t enough to keep her family in the U.S. Her parents finally had enough of the struggle and admitted financial defeat.

It was then that everyone moved back to the UK to live with her aunt. Millie thought her acting career was over. However, shortly thereafter, she was asked to audition for Stranger Things and the rest is history.

Millie Bobby Brown had never seen a record player until she came in contact with one on the set of Stranger Things. She had no idea how it worked. According to Vulture, she was so intrigued with the entire process, she now owns a record player of her own. It was a Christmas gift from her parents and she hasn’t stopped listening to music yet. In case you’re wondering, Millie’s favorite artists happen to be Adele and Amy Winehouse.

Speaking of music, this 12-year-old Stranger Things actress can really carry a tune. Take a couple of minutes to listen to the following video of Millie Brown singing “Imagine.” You won’t regret it! At the end, she even asks for requests.

In case you’re interested in hearing her sing other songs, there are several more options available on her YouTube channel. It only takes a minute to subscribe.

Millie Bobby Brown was born in Barcelona, Spain. She didn’t take an acting class until she moved to Florida. At that time, the acting was more of a hobby than anything else. However, it wasn’t long before she was spotted by a Hollywood talent scout. The scout told her parents that Millie possessed “instincts you cannot teach.” InStyle recently told readers that when the family moved to California Millie was offered representation by every single agent she met. Quite an accomplishment for a brand-new actress, don’t you think?

Through all of her well-deserved notoriety, Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown remains incredibly grounded. Every Sunday, her family still eats pot roast for dinner before watching a movie together.

Are you a fan of Millie Bobbie Brown and the Netflix series Stranger Things? If you grew up in the 80s, do you think the show did an adequate job of representing that specific time period? Feel free to comment about Millie Bobby Brown’s role as Eleven or anything relating to Stranger Things below.

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