The Burger King Makes A Royal Visit To McDonald’s [Video]

Rome, GA — A dude dressed up as the Burger King mascot made a visit to a local McDonald’s to hand out free burgers, dance around the restaurant, and pose for pictures with his “subjects” earlier this week.

The manager called police to report a suspicious person, but by the time officers arrived, the Burger King had left the scene in his Whoppermobile, otherwise known as a white Acura.

When the McDonald’s manager “approached the man he said he was collecting for children’s charities. She noted that he had not collected any money during his time inside the restaurant,” according to the Rome News-Tribune. The incident occurred about 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Before taking off in his Acura, the Burger King took off his mask. The store manager described him as “a middle age white male with dark hair.”

The Burger King character became famous in the fast-food franchise’s television commercials over the long term, but last August the chain announced that the Burger King (often described as creepy) was, in effect, being dethroned and would be phased out as the brand’s primary mascot. The Burger King corporation decided instead to make the quality of the food as the focus of its advertising going forward. Ronald McDonald, however, is not retiring anytime soon.

Watch the Burger King prank McDonald’s in Rome, Georgia:

Do you think Ronald McDonald should pay a visit to a Burger King franchise and give away free Big Macs to customers or should mascots stay on their own turf?