Kaitlyn Bristowe Calls Out ‘Bachelorette’ For Having Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell At JoJo Fletcher’s Finale Special

Kaitlyn Bristowe has called out The Bachelorette‘s producers for having Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell take part in JoJo Fletcher’s After the Final Rose special. In her blog post recapping the finale special, Kaitlyn questioned the show’s decision to have Ben and Lauren sit in the audience and give JoJo advice.

Kaitlyn pointed out that JoJo mentioned many times while filming the show how much Ben hurt her and so it must have been uncomfortable for her to have Ben sitting right there when she was celebrating her engagement to Jordan. Kaitlyn said that while she understands that Ben and Lauren were likely invited because they have a show to promote, she believes that having JoJo’s family in the audience would have been more appropriate.

It seems that Kaitlyn, who got engaged to Shawn Booth on her finale and is still engaged to him today, knew that her blog post would cause some controversy, for she opened her blog post by making clear that she’s grateful for having had the opportunity.

The Bachelorette opened up many doors for me – and I’m grateful for that. I watched this season to show my support – I tweeted and blogged to share my take on JoJo and her guys. To be honest, the amount of anxiety it gave me was unhealthy. I know too much about what goes on – and sometimes it’s hard when people’s feelings are involved. I get it, Ben and Lauren have a show coming out and were likely invited to the finale to promote it, but I can’t help and wonder how that made Lauren and Jordan feel … Ben was mentioned throughout this entire Bachelorette season of how he hurt JoJo. I just don’t know how comfortable that could’ve been for anyone. Imagine announcing your engagement with your last ex sitting right in front of you! What about inviting JoJo’s family?”

On her Instagram post about her blog piece, Kaitlyn again reiterated that she’s grateful for all the opportunities the show has given her and especially how it led her to Shawn. Kaitlyn admitted that she went back and forth on her blog piece because she didn’t want to seem ungrateful.


Katilyn Bristowe’s blog received a lot of comments. Many people agreed with Kaitlyn that it wasn’t nice to JoJo Fletcher for the producers to bring on Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell and applauded her for having the guts to say it. Kaitlyn’s blog also prompted many people to question why Ben and Lauren were given their own spin-off show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?, which will premiere on Freeform in October. People wrote that Ben and Lauren are too boring to watch and that Kaitlyn and Shawn Booth should have been given their own show. Yet there were also some people who criticized Kaitlyn as not being supportive of Ben and Lauren and jealous that they got invited to the special instead of her and Shawn.

Indeed, as the Inquisitr reported, as JoJo Fletcher’s After the Finale special aired on Sunday night, both Kaitlyn and Shawn called out the show on Twitter for not inviting them. In response to a producer’s tweet about Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell being the night’s special guests, Shawn sarcastically tweeted that having the two of them there makes more sense than having the greatest Bachelorette, who obviously in his mind is Kaitlyn, there.

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s blog about JoJo Fletcher’s finale special may have actually been changed because the original post was too controversial. Kaitlyn originally posted her blog Saturday afternoon but it was taken down shortly afterwards. Many people told Kaitlyn, via Twitter and Instagram, that they couldn’t find the finale recap and asked that she re-post the piece. Some questioned whether the show’s producers, unhappy over what Kaitlyn wrote, forced her to take it down and change it before posting it again.

Or perhaps Kaitlyn just thought better of bringing her runner-up, Nick Viall, who clashed with Shawn Booth throughout their time together competing for Kaitlyn on The Bachelorette, into the discussion?

On Instagram, one viewer who read the original blog post commented that Kaitlyn took out a whole paragraph about Nick.

“mariaaah_michelle: She reuploaded it but took out a few things, including a whole paragraph about nick. I have the screenshots of her first post if anyone would like them! The producers didn’t like her honesty I’m assuming????????”

On Twitter, another viewer mentioned what Kaitlyn Bristowe originally included in her blog about Nick Viall, who currently stars on season 3 of the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise. Apparently, Kaitlyn wrote about how Nick’s family was invited to the After the Final Rose special but hers wasn’t. Presumably, Kaitlyn did not like that and still has negative feelings about how Nick’s family was there to watch her and Shawn Booth be together as an engaged couple for the first time since taping the season finale episode but hers wasn’t.


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