First look at the LEGO MMO

It’s featured in an adventure videogame, a racing game, and a chess game. It even has a music game coming soon. Next on the list for the all-conquering child’s toy LEGO? An MMO.

Enter LEGO Universe. In a genre dominated by the murky browns and steely grays of fantasy and futuristic settings, the first ever LEGO-based MMO is a gaudy-but-welcome assault on the eyeballs. It should reel the kids in nicely, with the LEGO Group perfectly aware that “safety is priority number one.” The company says it is “exploring many solutions for maximizing children’s online safety.”

So yes, it’s an MMO for teh kiddehs, but I won’t lie: these adorable screens featuring some of the ninja, pirate and space-themed LEGO sets pierced my +10 Cuteness Resistance Armor. Check out Shacknews for a bunch more in higher resolutions.

[Via Shacknews]

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