New Video Shows iPhone 7, Including Plus And Pro Versions

A new video has shown up on Tech Times that appears to show all versions of the new iPhone 7, including the rumored iPhone 7 Pro.

According to Tech Times, the new video confirms rumors that have been floating around for quite some time about a new larger version of the iPhone 7 that would have the processing power comparable to other phone manufacturers like Samsung and its Galaxy line of smart phones.

“In the video, three iPhone models are featured, with a gold 4.7-inch iPhone, a rose gold 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and a silver 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Pro. True enough, the iPhone 7 Plus packs a single-lens camera, while the iPhone 7 Pro is shown to have a dual-lens camera.

“Does the video confirm the fact that Apple is releasing two models for the larger iPhone 7? Users who are looking forward to such an announcement may want to lower their expectations.”

The reason for the lowered expectations is because numerous bloggers and people with knowledge of the iPhone 7 development have said two versions of the larger iPhone 7 are not going to happen and have never been in the plans. As for the video, it is true that it shows two larger phones reported to be iPhone 7 units, but it does not clearly draw a difference between the two. They could be the same model but just different colors.

New Video Shows iPhone 7, Including Plus And Pro Versions

As for when these new iPhone models could be released to the public, numerous reputable industry blogs, including App Advice, have been pointing to not only a September announcement, but also a simultaneous September release. It would be a bit different for Apple, which has typically announced new models but waited for release in order to build anticipation and drive sales.

While sales of the larger iPhone 7 Pro and its more traditionally-sized sister units are not expected to be stellar due to its lack of exciting new features (the rumored iPhone 8 expected to launch next year should be a complete overhaul of the iPhone product line), at least one analyst reached by Business Insider had a different take.

“But BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long and his team have another theory. iPhone 7 is going to be huge, they say, because when September arrives Apple will have the largest ever installed base of existing iPhones that are more than two years old.

“Here are Long’s charts, making that case. This charts breaks down the percentage of people who upgrade their phones into the new model, based on how old their current phone is. Only 17% of “next-gen” users immediately get the new phone. The sweet spot is users with “next-gen+1″ phones and older, ie phones that are two years older or more.”

According to figures posted on Business Insider, 82 percent of people upgrading an iPhone are using a device that is two years old or older. I can attest to being in that same crowd. The idea of upgrading to something faster and more reliable after bogging down an older device for years is appealing, even if the features of the newer iPhone 7 are not that much improved over the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 5S.

New Video Shows iPhone 7, Including Plus And Pro Versions

Further data on Business Insider shows that the majority of users are actually eligible for upgrades and a large number of them are using models as new as the regular iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus all the way down to users still on the iPhone 4, with several iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C users stuck in the middle eligible for upgrades but not having yet pulled the trigger.

Regardless of whether the iPhone 7 Pro becomes reality or we are simply stuck with a traditional iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus, it looks like a lot of iPhone users are in line for an upgrade.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]