WWE Rumors: Opportunity For A Title Push Holding Back An MVP Return?

The name Montel Vontavious Porter keeps getting rumored when people discuss a WWE return. The wrestler better known as MVP enjoyed some great success as a upper mid-card WWE superstar to fringe title contender. Because of his success in NJPW (New Japan Wrestling) and TNA (Total Nonstop Action), it is safe to say that MVP is more established away from the WWE, than he was while wrestling for the company. That would serve as a reason for a snag if he and the WWE are indeed talking about a return.

MVP won his share of titles and competed for several others during his run in sports entertainment. A lot of those title shots came while with other organizations.

With the WWE, MVP did hold the United States title and Tag-Team belts. He had a few memorable matches. If you can find it, MVP’s match against deceased wrestler Chris Benoit, at WrestleMania 23 is a must-see. It was arguably one of the top-15 WWE matches of the last decade. Given the grisly circumstances surrounding Benoit and how he died, the WWE had no choice but to scrub as many traces of his matches as they could. The highlights to the epic WrestleMania 23 match can be found here (via YouTube).


Sadly, WWE fans will not get a chance to witness an MVP return.

According to 411 Mania, via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, MVP has declined an opportunity for a return to the WWE. At least not at the moment. It was noted that MVP was at the July 30 Houston taping of WWE NXT, but the former WWE superstar claimed to be visiting friends. That is a different understanding given the rumors from a couple of weeks ago.

Wrestling Inc had a report out about the WWE returns of MVP and his NJPW tag-team partner Shelton Benjamin. That story has since been refuted by MVP, who took to Twitter to clarify things.

MVP did go out of his way to acknowledge the throngs of fans who do want to see his return to the WWE.

Many fans may feel that MVP was not appreciated in the WWE. In terms of appreciation, that means multiple title shots. The WWE did have it set up where MVP would become the superstar with longest reign as the United States champion. Would he get another crack at that title, along with other titles if he were to return?

That is the million dollar question. According to a story by the Bleacher Report, future title shots, or a lack thereof, could be the difference in a MVP return to the WWE or not.

At 42-years-old, the window has not closed on MVP just yet. It does not mean that he is going to rush out and sign with the WWE because he is getting older. That being said, below is a TNA championship match versus Bobby Lashley.

It is matches similar to the one MVP had against Lashley which prove that he can still bring it. If the WWE want MVP to do the same for them, a few problems must be thrown in his direction.

The WWE cannot make the mistake of treating MVP as a superstar who serves the purpose of just filling the card. Things have to be a bit creative. Oftentimes the WWE is quick to lump their superstars in a box. Some are main event wrestlers, some are mid-cards superstars, and others are just there to be pummeled. There is a reason why WWE superstars leave the company, only to experience greater success elsewhere. NJPW and TNA treats the WWE’s trash like treasure. MVP is one of those treasures.

Will MVP pull an 180 degree turn and rejoin the WWE after all?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]