Tyga’s Kylie Jenner Gift: Up To $448,000 For Mercedes-Maybach S600 For Her 19th Birthday [Video]

Tyga is making news for his latest birthday gift to Kylie Jenner. The below video shows that Tyga gave Kylie Jenner a pretty special birthday gift — a Mercedes-Maybach S600, which has plenty of folks estimating the cost of the luxury car that can be seen in the video.

According to Motor Magazine, the “price as tested” for the 5-door, 4-seat sedan with a 7-speed automatic transmission that the publication tested was $448,610. That cost is a whole lot more than the $200,000 price for the new Mercedes-Maybach S600 being thrown around by other publications.

The Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills dealership that is prominently displayed in the video with Tyga and Kylie — a car dealership that serves Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Monica — has not revealed the specific cost of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 that Tyga bought Kylie.

Meanwhile, people are reeling over the Snapchat video of Jenner with her new Mercedes-Maybach, as reported by E! Online. In the video, Jenner is serenaded with Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” song as Kylie is surprised by her new Maybach.


There was plenty of speculation over whether Kylie would get an engagement ring from Tyga for her 19th birthday on August 10. Other folks are curious about how Tyga could afford to give Kylie an expensive car, reports the Daily Mail. However, as product placement and pay-for-tweets is such a prominent thing in reality TV and on celebrity’s social media timelines, it could very well have been a gift provided not by Tyga, but by others who simply want to bring advertisement to the luxury vehicle.

The 26-year-old Tyga previously gave Kylie a car as a gift, with the Maybach representing another luxury vehicle for Kylie’s collection, as reported by TMZ. The publication reports that Tyga received the car on Saturday from Richie Rich, a consultant for celebrity cars. According to the publication, that specific model cost approximately $220,000.

Whereas Tyga got the previous gift for Kylie as a leased Ferarri, it appears as if this Maybach might not be a lease. While the exact finances aren’t known, Tyga has been the source of rumors that the rapper was having money problems, as reported by Mirror.

When Jenner turned 18 last year, she traveled to Canada in order to drink champagne legally. With Kylie’s 19th birthday only days away, wedding bells might ring for Tyga and Kylie, reports OK! Magazine. A brand new diamond ring on Kylie’s finger has sparked rumors of an upcoming wedding.

Therefore, Kylie’s fans could prepare for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to soon be shown as the focus of elaborate marriage proposals — and perhaps even more elaborate spin-off series, with names undoubtedly like Kylie Takes the Wedding Cake or Kylie & Tyga Tie the Knot on the way.

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Kylie enjoys a net worth running up to nearly $7 million, but perhaps a few more million for an extra-special wedding edition of her reality show could make sure Jenner is set for her retirement years. Some of the reactions to Tyga’s birthday gift to Kylie on social media can be read below.

“Tyga bought Kylie a Maybach, but I’m trying to figure out where he’s getting money from.”

“Tyga prolly got Kylie that Maybach with her money… She prolly gave him a budget and told him to get her somethin nice…”

“Y’all mean Tyga rented Kylie a Maybach LOL.”

“Tyga bought Kylie a new merc maybach for her birthday. If I want a cake I have to buy it myself.”

“No wonder Kylie keeps taking Tyga back.”

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