‘Real Housewives’ Jules Wainstein Claims Husband Shares A Brownstone With Mistress

Jules Wainstein of Real Housewives of New York says that though husband Michael has not moved out of their residence, he essentially lives in a brownstone with his mistress. Jules claims he stops in for an hour or so every morning, but does not sleep in their apartment. The leggy brunette and the diminutive businessman have been estranged since it was discovered that he has been stepping outside their marriage, and now the Wainsteins are seeking a divorce. Jules Wainstein seems mainly concerned about Michael’s distance from their children.

This is Jules Wainstein’s first season on Real Housewives of New York, and from the start, she seemed fragile, and told almost everyone who would listen about her eating disorder, and has frankly shared that she is on medication. While Jules was still finding her way on RHONY, she was thrown a curveball when she found out that husband Michael Wainstein had been cheating on her. She initially got suspicious when she saw that Michael Wainstein was shirking his parental responsibilities while she was away on vacation, and he was also MIA when she had a medical emergency. Sadly, she says she knows the other woman, and the other woman was also stepping out on her own marriage.

Jules Wainstein went on WWHL this week, along with RHONY’s Dorinda Medley, and though she answered Andy Cohen’s questions about her crumbling marriage, she was visibly uncomfortable, says PageSix. Andy Cohen asked if Jules and Michael were truly still living in the same apartment, and if she knows his mistress. Jules answered that the couple still technically both live in the apartment, but not really.

“He technically lives there, but he comes home at 5 a.m. and leaves at 6:30 a.m.. . . He has an apartment with [his] current mistress in a brownstone. His kids never see him, he’s never home.”

Dorinda jumped in to answer the part of the question that related to Jules knowing the other woman, and the answer was yes, Jules Wainstein does know the woman that Michael Wainstein is allegedly cheating with.

But Michael Wainstein’s lawyers claim that Michael is simply trying to lay low, because Jules is in “a dramatic stage.” Michael is simply trying to avoid “all of the drama she creates.”

Michael Wainstein’s lawyers are still denying that there was any affair or cheating, despite the fact that the other woman and her husband are now divorcing.

Reality Tea has revealed that the woman Michael Wainstein is cheating with is psychologist Elyse Bensusan. Recent photos of Michael Wainstein and Elyse Bensusan show the couple holding hands, but she is still wearing her wedding ring. Jules reportedly discovered a series of incriminating texts while filming RHONY, but kept it quiet.

Sources close to the couple says that the Wainsteins were having trouble before Michael started stepping out.

“Jules needs help. She needs to get it together and find out what went wrong with her marriage before dragging other people into this,” continues the insider. “It’s really easy to blame someone else instead of looking in the mirror and handling your own business.”

It is also being said that Michael Wainstein has been disappointed that Jules would not grow up, but perhaps that is what you get when you marry someone 10 years your junior. But the same source says that Elyse Bensusan (who is said to look amazingly like Jules Wainstein) is in a different league than Jules, and it a far better fit for Michael.

Jules and Michael Wainstein are due in court in early September for a separation hearing.

Would you allow your estranged husband to continue living with you while you get divorced like RHONY Jules, especially if you caught him cheating?

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