'Big Brother 18' Showmances: Paulie Plots Against Zakiyah, James And Natalie Remain Tight, And Nicole Does Corey's Bidding

Big Brother 18 has brought several showmances front and center. This season has particularly odd pairings, ones that many didn't even think would happen. Right now, the house is working on breaking up one romantic pair, and the other two are slowly plotting the other's demise. Next Thursday should be a double eviction, and that will test the loyalty the houseguests have to one another.

This week, Victor won the HOH (Head of Household) competition with the promise of giving Natalie safety as they were the last two standing. It was assumed that James would also be safe since he is part of a growing showmance with Natalie. Paul and Paulie have a bromance going on, and basically had Victor nominate who they wanted to see gone. Zakiyah and Michelle are on the block, which has raised some questions. Paulie and Zakiyah have been getting pretty close. So close that they have reportedly slept together and have done other sexual things with the live feeds rolling. If this is the case, why is he pushing for her to be evicted this week? Their showmance is on the rocks, but it looks like Zakiyah is in the dark about how Paulie really feels. Big Brother can be brutal, but Paulie is taking it to the next level with his showmance with Zakiyah.

Nicole has played Big Brother before and found herself in a showmance with Hayden. She lost focus during her initial season and was evicted. Now that she has a second chance, she swore she would not get involved in another showmance while in the Big Brother house. Nicole and Corey are awfully close, sharing information and sleeping quarters. According to a tweet from Big Brother Leak, Nicole is gunning for Natalie. She talked with James about it and it appears that he would be okay with Nicole getting evicted. There has been some extreme jealousy out of Nicole toward James and Natalie because they were the first two houseguests chosen by America to receive a care package. James won this week and Natalie got it last week. It is clear who the favorites are in the house, and it looks like a showmance is steadily leading the pack.

There are a lot of unhappy Big Brother fans watching the way Paulie is treating Zakiyah. She believes he is being truthful to her and he is really dogging her every single chance he gets. While she may be evicted this week and sent to the jury house, he will eventually have to face her when she is armed with knowledge of the truth. Fans came in wanting to root for Paulie because of Cody, but the way he is acting has turned a lot of people against him and could have easily cost him the "America's Favorite" prize. Big Brother can easily make or break you in the real world and viewers won't easily let you forget what happened during the summer you spent playing Big Brother.

A rule of thumb in the Big Brother house is to try and avoid a showmance. It will distract you from the game and will likely get you evicted. One person usually falls harder than the other, and feelings are trampled on. James and Natalie seem to be having fun with one another, not labeling anything as official yet. Nicole and Corey are definitely on the outs with the rest of the house. She is laying low after throwing a fit about being put up as a pawn a few weeks ago. The Big Brother showmances are causing complications in the house and it will only be a matter of time before they are split up. Always expect the unexpected in Big Brother.

[Image via CBS]