Bill Cosby Allegedly Trying To ‘Bully’ And ‘Intimidate’ Accuser, Trying To Block Taped Call From Court [Video]

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Is Bill Cosby trying to manipulate his upcoming sexual assault trial through intimidation? According to Andrea Constand, his primary sexual assault accuser, that’s precisely what the former king of TV comedy is up to. According to Constand, who claims Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her years ago, Cosby is trying to “bully” and “intimidate” his legal team’s way into her upcoming deposition in order to scare her into silence.

Andrea Constand, the woman who largely started all of Bill Cosby’s current legal drama, is currently in the midst of a lawsuit against a former D.A. in her case. She claims that she was the victim of defamation at the hands of the ex-Montgomery County District Attorney when he publicly claimed that she “grossly exaggerated” the claims she was making against Bill Cosby.

Constand is slated to give a deposition to the very ex-District Attorney she’s accusing of defamation very soon, and Bill Cosby and his legal team have filed paperwork to get a seat at that deposition. Bill Cosby doesn’t actually want to be at the deposition himself, but he does want a lawyer to see and hear the event. According to Constand, Cosby only wants his lawyer there so he can ” intimidate, harass, and bully” her.

On top of that, Constand is (rightfully) concerned that Bill Cosby will use his attorney’s presence at the deposition to gather intelligence and other information that could be used on Bill Cosby’s behalf during the criminal case Cosby is facing as a result of the sexual assault allegations that have been levied against him by Constand and others, reports TMZ.

Because the criminal charges Bill Cosby is facing are very serious. Despite the fact that the comedian is aging, reportedly currently living the life of a blind recluse due to health problems and the negative PR the drugging and sexual assault allegations made against him, he is currently on a serious legal hook.

Bill Cosby is currently facing felony aggravated indecent assault charges directly related to his alleged crimes against Andrea Constand. According to her version of events, Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted at his home in 2004 when she was an employee of Temple University.

In addition to trying to get his legal counsel into Constand’s upcoming deposition, Bill Cosby and his legal team are also trying to prevent a couple of taped telephone conversations that he made to his alleged victim’s 79-year-old mother from being played at his upcoming criminal trial. As KTVL reports, Bill Cosby’s attorney filed a motion to suppress the conversations from being played to the judge and jury.

According to Cosby, the phone calls were illegally recorded by Constand and/or her mother because he was unaware that the conversations were being taped. Reportedly, Bill Cosby made the calls to Constand’s mother from his Pennsylvania home, and in the State of Pennsylvania both all participants in a recorded phone call have to be aware that it’s being recorded.

Reportedly, in one of the phone calls Bill Cosby apologized to his alleged sexual assault victim’s mother for assaulting her daughter and in the second Bill Cosby allegedly offered to pay for Costand’s education.

One of the calls has been used as part of the State’s criminal case against Bill Cosby; however, his legal team have argued that it’s illegal evidence because the recording violated Pennsylvania law. According to Constand’s lawyer, the call was, in fact, recorded legally because it was recorded from Ontario where one-party consent is all that’s required.

The latest developments in the criminal case against Bill Cosby come as Cosby fields allegations of sexual misconduct from over 50 women. Most of Cosby’s accusers allege that the comedian drugged, sexually assaulted and/or raped them. Bill Cosby has wholeheartedly denied all allegations against him, but has been overwhelmed both civilly and criminally since the slew of sexual misconduct accusations began.

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