Jonah Hill Stars In A Fantastically Terrible Reebok Ad, Dresses Like A Teen With Adam Levine

Jonah Hill recently became an ambassador for one of the world’s most famous shoe brands, Reebok. According to Time magazine, Jonah Hill starred in a purposely terrible Reebok commercial for the Reebok x Palace sneaker.

In the commercial, the Knocked Up actor attempts to endorse the new sneakers by Reebok x Palace by acting as a version of himself re-imagined as a skateboarder. The skateboarder version of Hill even uses the textbook phrases that the casual skateboard lover would use, attempting to express how much he loves the sneakers with all the enthusiasm of a would-be skateboarder.

Watch the ad here.

Strangely, Jonah Hill became an accidental endorser for Steve Madden in The Wolf of Wall Street, making Reebok the second footwear brand that he advertised in his career.

Not only did Jonah Hill star in the Reebok x Palace commercial, he also wore the shoe around town. According to GQ magazine, Jonah Hill was spotted strolling around New York while sporting the Reebok x Palace brand as part of his outfit.

On the hot summer day, Jonah Hill went against logic and chose to go for stylish as he wore a dominantly dark outfit. His top was from Palace, accompanied by dark pants and gray sneakers. Hill also complimented his outfit with equally dark-themed accessories, wearing a dark set of Wayfarers and a black watch. The only relatively light-colored accessory on him were his neon green earbuds. Hill has recently been very stylish. He managed to pull off looking half his age, almost as if he was a skater, which is a very good look for Hill.

Jonah Hill is not the only one embracing teenage fashion. According to another article in GQ magazine, Jonah Hill was spotted hanging out with Adam Levine while both sported streetwear favored by people half their age.

Adam and Jonah, two unlikely friends, share a bond for enjoying teenage fashion. The pair were spotted in New York City’s Soho neighborhood after what appeared to be Levine’s gym session. Hill was spotted wearing the Reebok x Palace attire that he had had been seen in previously, complete with the sneakers he had endorsed, while Levine’s choice of garment was a Thrasher Magazine hoodie. Although priced at just $60, the hoodie has become an unlikely status symbol amongst the fashion community in the past few months.

Jonas Hill seems to be a natural at playing roles half his age thanks to his performance on 21 Jump Street, where he managed to convincingly pull off the role of a teenager. At the end of the day, Levine and Hill can effectively pull off the teenage look while also looking the part as professional adult men when suited up.

Perhaps the Moneyball actor’s new-found love for fashion and style could be because of his recent weight loss. According to News Australia, Jonah Hill has been looking noticeably leaner lately.

He was spotted walking his dog Carmela and running errands in Soho, sporting an all-black ensemble with his trademark sneakers. Although he has spent much of his career slightly overweight, Jonah Hill is no stranger to weight fluctuations as he first slimmed down dramatically in 2011 where he lost 18 kilograms with the help of a nutritionist and a Japanese diet. In August, 2014, Hill put some of the weight be had lost back on, which worried some of his friends. In fact, at that point, Jonah Hill was reportedly heavier than he had ever been, and it was thought to be all due to his binge eating. By April, 2015, he gained a substantial amount of weight ahead of filming War Dogs, yet while filming Collateral Beauty in March, Jonah Hill began slimming down again.

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