Rob Kardashian Depression, Weight Gain Returns Amid Wedding Plans: How Blac Chyna Plans To Help ‘KUWTK’ Star

Rob Kardashian’s depression has returned, and so has his weight gain battle, it has been revealed.

According to numerous outlets, Rob has found it incredibly hard to upkeep his positive attitude when he hasn’t been feeling great lately. Despite the joyful news of becoming a father, Kardashian has found himself in a rather upsetting mood more often than usual.

Just last week, Rob and his fiancée, Blac Chyna, were said to have had a huge argument over the supposed fact that the former stripper was texting Tyga again, IBTimes claimed, her ex-boyfriend and father of her three-year-old son, Cairo. The argument was said to have been captured on several cameras, as the couple happened to be filming their reality show at the time, but according to sources, the massive feud wasn’t staged — it was all real.

So real that it heavily contributed to the return of Rob Kardashian’s depression. According to Hollywood Life, Blac Chyna is now doing everything she can in order to encourage the 29-year-old to remain active, positive, and outdoors. She’s seen Rob seclude himself from family and friends one too many times, and after having made so much progress, she doesn’t want him to fall backwards.

Blac initially hired a personal trainer for Rob, who would go on to organize multiple fitness workouts several times a week, but ever since Chyna found out she was pregnant, Kardashian seems to have fallen off from his initial plans to lose at least 50lbs before the summer’s end.

Things have now gotten so bad that Rob Kardashian is back to his old ways, hiding at his home he shares with Chyna, and from what sources have alleged, it’s only going to get worse from here on out. Hollywood Life alleges, “Rob continues to be in hiding. He has been in a funk again and has made very few trips out of the house lately.”

“He has been battling depression for years and he is again, not feeling super happy about life despite all the good things in his world. The pressure of filming his new reality show, the baby on the way and the challenges of being in a relationship have all got the better of him.”

As the source already mentions, Rob Kardashian feels as if he has taken way too much on for himself, especially since he initially only wanted to set himself the goal of getting healthier before the end of the year. He has since found himself engaged, expecting his first child, filming a reality show, plans to get married, and has decided to relaunch his Arthur George sock line.

An insider continues by stressing that all the things Rob planned on doing this year has caused him to suffer from quite the meltdown — so much that he’s not interesting in doing anything anymore. The weight is slowly but surely coming back since he’s no longer working out and remaining on a healthy diet, while Blac is continuously encouraging her beau to get his life together.

Blac understands that it’s now somewhat of her responsibility to keep Rob on the right path since he’s soon going to be taking care of his own child. But if he cannot even look after himself, Kardashian fans have questioned themselves as to how the 29-year-old plans on raising a toddler under these circumstances?

Will Rob be able to cope as a father?

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