‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is Sam Morgan Really Sick Or Is It Something Else? Finn Makes A Surprising Diagnosis

Samantha Morgan’s health seems to be in jeopardy on General Hospital and next week will focus on getting a diagnosis on why she has been fainting so much lately. On Friday’s episode, she was getting ready to leave after giving Julian a piece of her mind at the PCPD when she never made it out the door. She fainted once again.

Sam will end up in the hospital, as seen in the sneak peek for next week that ABC posted, and Dr. Hamilton Finn will be assigned to her case to figure out what could be happening with her. He is an infectious disease doctor, so she could have picked something up while in Greece. Her adventure on Cassadine Island may have left her very ill.

Dr. Finn will be asking her questions on when she started having her fainting spells and what her other symptoms are. In the clip, Sam mentions that she has also been nauseous and dizzy. She said that she started noticing the symptoms in Greece. The look on Finn’s face when she mentioned being on Cassadine Island could mean that he knows something.

It looks like this General Hospital story line is heading towards Mrs. Morgan having picked up some type of illness while she was on the island. Finn is also suffering from a possible fatal illness that he has been doing research on to cure and has been getting illegal drugs to be able to keep him alive. Does Sam have the same thing? Could Finn have possibly been on Cassadine Island at some point before he got sick? The doc has been quite mysterious ever since he came to Port Charles and that would certainly make an interesting twist to this scenario.

Of course, all of these symptoms that Sam has been having could also mean that she is pregnant. General Hospital fans are really hoping this is why she has been fainting so much as most women on soaps faint when they are expecting a baby. Now that Sam is back with Jason, it is very possible that they could be having their second child. The spoilers did say that Sam would be getting some unexpected news, but it could also mean that she is diagnosed with some type of disease and not a pregnancy, which may be too obvious.

If she did pick something up from being on the island, then you would think that the others would have gotten sick as well, but they all seem fine for now. If Sam does have the same thing that Finn has, then her life is definitely in danger. Finn needs those drugs to keep him alive, so this will complicate things even more on General Hospital.

Sam had confronted her dad, Julian Jerome, at the PCPD and told him that he is dead to her after he tried to kill her mother. As far as she is concerned, Julian is no longer in her life, but she may not have a choice if she needs him for a medical emergency once again. Julian was his grandson Danny’s bone marrow donor when he needed it and now he may be called once again to help out in a medical crisis involving his daughter. With the confrontation between them and with Sam’s possible medical condition, it looks like the writers at General Hospital are heading in that direction.

There is a spoiler that Soaps She Knows posted that says Alexis will end up going to Julian for help on Thursday. There is no way that she would ask him for anything after he tried to take her life. However, she would if it involved her oldest daughter.

So, those fans who are hoping that Sam is pregnant with Jason’s baby may end up being disappointed. Of course, it could be that Sam is diagnosed with an illness, but maybe she also finds out that she is pregnant as well. That would definitely change things up a bit.

Is Sam Morgan pregnant, very sick, or both? Watch General Hospital next week to find out what happens next.

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