WWE News: Shinsuke Nakamura Gives Advice To Young Wrestlers

In the last five years, big stars have come and gone for the WWE. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are two of the biggest in WWE’s history, but their impact was far greater than anyone could’ve imagined. What made them good was how different they were. Bryan was the ultimate underdog who “overcame all the odds” to take down the Authority. The former-WWE champion is now the Smackdown Live GM and a future WWE Hall of Fame entrant.

As far as CM Punk, it was his mouth and wrestling ability that got him over with the WWE Universe. Before 2011 and the Summer of Punk, it wasn’t the best of runs for the former-ECW Heavyweight champion. Then, the promo took place in Las Vegas and his career took off for the better. Punk ended up winning the WWE championship multiple times and then left infamously when he walked away after the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh.

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Since Bryan and Punk are both gone in the wrestling ring, two new guys will have to take their spots as the different guys who shock the world. Finn Balor is one of them and already made an impact on the main roster. He’s the number one contender for the WWE Universal championship. Balor is slated to be the next face on Monday Night Raw. However, there is someone still in WWE NXT who can do just the same thing on the main roster.

Shinsuke Nakamura is a special talent. He’s a great friend of Balor, who beat him in his last match on WWE NXT. Bryan and Punk may have been different, but Nakamura is an anomaly. Without barely speaking a word, he’s the biggest babyface in WWE NXT. When he goes to the main roster, it will be the same result. Despite being in the WWE for a short time, he still has more experience than most. On Talk Is Jericho, he gave advice to the next generation of wrestlers.

“A lot of young guys want to do a lot of stuff…..Moves, moves, moves. I always teach young guys: Hey, moves are not important, the important thing is in between the moves. How do you walk, how do you look at the audience”

Nakamura has every right to give that kind of advice to wrestlers. He’s been in the game for a long time and one of the best. His work with New Japan Pro Wrestling is regarded as legendary by fans of that product and already made a huge impact in WWE NXT. His first match with Sami Zayn was as close to a 5-star match as it could be, which is very hard to do in this day and age.

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In a recent article by the Inquisitr, Nakamura gave another interview, to which he talked about why he left Japan and went to the WWE.

“Oh, WWE called me. In [2014], ‘hey when your contract is finished, maybe end of this year, how about next year? Do you want to wrestle here?’…. Finally I decided in August of 2015 that I have to go to United States. I have to try.”

Shinsuke Nakamura is one of the world’s best wrestlers and is giving the WWE a huge advantage by staying with the company. There is no doubt he will be on the main roster soon. When that does happen, he’ll provide a jolt of energy the company needs.

WWE fans are lucky they are watching right now, as the talent has never been better in the WWE. With much more coming up to the main roster in the next year, the quality is plentiful.

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