Ben Affleck Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At ‘Suicide Squad’ Premiere As Wife Jennifer Garner Gushes About ‘Modern Family’

Ben Affleck wardrobe malfunction

Someone get Ben Affleck a better suit! The star looked flustered while at the London premiere of Suicide Squad, in which he makes a cameo as Batman. Affleck, along with Justice League cast members Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa, attended the Suicide Squad premiere in London, but only Affleck came out of the special event with headlines.

The actor, who just signed on to direct a solo Batman film, suffered a wardrobe malfunction while going into the premiere. While on the pink “red” carpet, Affleck was seen fixing his pants, which is a move that’s usually done before you greet a line of photographers. While most cast members were spotted on the step and repeat taking photos, afterward Affleck stepped aside to speak with Jared Leto, who plays the Joker in the DC film.

After rubbing elbows with some of his DC cast mates at the premiere, the actor-turned-Academy Award-winning director was caught heading into the Suicide Squad after party with his pants undone. That said, the actor did catch the wardrobe malfunction, and moved to buckle his belt, but was still photographed with his top button open on his pants. Perhaps the suit was uncomfortable, and Affleck just wanted some breathing room during the screening and forgot to fasten his pants back up? Could it be a malfunction that happened after a trip to the bathroom? There are endless possibilities here.

That said, Affleck didn’t seem too bothered by various outlets taking apart his alleged unkempt look. After the premiere was over, the actor took to Twitter to thank all of the fans that he spent time with while signing photos and taking photographs. Ben shared a photo he took of the large crowd excitedly waiting for a glimpse of any DC actor at the premiere.

Meanwhile, his not-so-estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, was back in the states promoting her film Nine Lives. While speaking with the Today show’s Natalie Morales, the actress decided to talk about her new normal with husband Ben Affleck. It’s a topic that she hasn’t divulged too much on since the couple announced their intent to separate over a year ago. Ben and Jen haven’t made any movements to divorce but instead have focused on parenting their three children, Violet, 10, Sera, 7, and Samuel, 4. This is a point that Garner reiterated during the conversation.

“We are definitely a modern family. We’re doing really well.”

While on the show, Garner discussed the family trip to Europe, which she took with her three children as Affleck has been filming Justice League in London all summer. The two were photographed all smiles with their children, which resurrected reports that the two were getting back together. While Garner didn’t discuss the status of their relationship she did seem happy with their modern family.

Of the trip to London, she said, “Ben was working in London, on ‘Justice League,’ and I felt like, ‘Well, the kids should have that experience, and he and I are great friends, and we just all went en masse.”

Although there have been many conflicting reports out there about the couple’s relationship, most of the reports state that they are putting their children first.

Garner spoke to their new dynamic, stating, “You don’t have a choice. I mean, it has to be.”

Many have questioned Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s new dynamic, considering from the outside it looks like nothing has changed. Affleck is still living on the family compound, and Garner hasn’t moved out of the house. Prior to Affleck filming Justice League, the two were spotted often shuttling their kids to and from school and extra curricular activities. Looks like these two have found a happy medium with each other. As for Affleck’s pants, the jury is still out.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/AP Images]