‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Mike Shouhed And Jessica Parido Divorce: Who Are They Dating Now?

Shahs of Sunset couple Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido ended their marriage last year, and in the months that followed, the moments leading up to their divorce were seen playing out on the show’s fifth season.

While there were ongoing rumors regarding Jessica Parido’s romance with Karlen Shubaralyan and their possible engagement late last year and earlier this year, those rumors were silenced weeks ago when Shouhed confirmed that his wife was no longer seeing Shubaralyan.

In an interview with the Daily Dish, Shouhed offered an update on his relationship with Jessica Parido and suggested her romance with Shubaralyan was nothing more than a fling that was aimed at getting back at him for his past infidelity.

“[Jessica Parido] and I have spoken. We’ve hung out. We’ve talked. It’s difficult, five years together, we shared a lot of memories,” Shouhed explained last month. “She was my emotional rock. She was my cultural rock. She was my religious rock. She was the person I went to bed with and woke up with every day. So to miss that person in my life, there was a huge void.”

Jessica Parido moved out of the home she shared with Shouhed in Los Angeles last summer after discovering evidence of Shouhed’s cheating on his iCloud. Then, in November, she stepped out with Shubaralyan at Craig’s restaurant just days after filing for divorce.

While Jessica Parido quickly engaged in a whirlwind romance with Shubaralyan, Shouhed remained single and continues to keep things casual when it comes to the women in his life.

“Am I dating? I go out on dates, but it’s hard again being an emotional person, I’m kind of sensitive. So it’s difficult for me to really get into that mindset. It’s unfair to bring someone into my life right now,” he explained weeks ago.

As for Jessica Parido’s time with Shubaralyan, Shouhed revealed, “I think that was just a rebound… I hurt [Jessica Parido] and she was looking for someone to give her attention and love and fill a void that she was feeling with me, but it’s done.”

On August 4, the Morning News USA also confirmed Jessica Parido’s split from Shubaralyan, claiming the former reality star dumped him after discovering he was facing 25 years in prison after being accused of rape and stalking.

Although Jessica Parido faced a number of allegations during the recent Shahs of Sunset reunion episode, including claims of being a “gold digger,” she appears to be in a great place currently. Not only did she hint at a new relationship, calling someone on Instagram “bae,” she also revealed she would soon be opening a Glam Envy boutique in Los Angeles by sharing a photo of her new retail space on Instagram.

Jessica Parido then posted a couple of new messages with fans, which suggested she was just fine after ending her marriage and returning to life as a single woman.

“Woke up at peace and so grateful for the bad days that taught me how to appreciate the good ones,” Jessica Parido wrote on August 2.

Days later, on August 4, Jessica Parido shared a telling meme in which she explained that her “reality” has been changed by inner growth.

Now that Jessica Parido has split from Mike Shouhed, it appears fairly safe to assume that she will no longer be appearing on Shahs of Sunset. That said, a sixth season has not yet been announced, so at this point, everyone’s future with the show is up in the air.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]