Terri Irwin Opens Up About Her Celibate Life Since The Death Of Steve Irwin

Terri Irwin was left to pick up the pieces after her husband Steve Irwin was suddenly, and surprisingly, killed while filming his ultra-popular television show. It appears that while she’s been trying to pick up the pieces she hasn’t been paying much attention to her romantic life.

Terri Irwin recently sat down for an interview where she made it clear she hasn’t had a “single date” since Steve Irwin passed away. The 52-year-old Irwin aslo told The Australian Woman’s Weekly that she wasn’t looking for love even when she met him.

“If I hadn’t met Steve, I probably would never have married because I wasn’t looking for love when I met him.”

When she started looking back at her life with Steve, she made it clear it was even happier than she could have possibly imagined.

During the interview, Irwin told the magazine that she felt what they had “was incredible.” They were married back in 1992, and they had two children together. One of those kids, Bindi Irwin, has become a bit of a celebrity, while Robert, who is now 12, has largely stayed out the limelight.

Bindi, now 18 years old, has talked about following in her father’s footsteps from time to time. Steve Irwin’s popular wildlife program made him a star the world over.

Irwin’s genuine joy in his approach seemed to charm his fans. That love for what he did was likely also what killed him as he got too close to a stingray off the coast of Australia. The animal stung him in 2006, and he died shortly after.

Terri Irwin has managed to raise her two children since Steve died in a way that has made her a bit of a role model to those who follow the family. Bindi Irwin most recently rocketed back into fame when she won the Mirror Ball Trophy on season 21 of Dancing With the Stars.

Bindi also recently paid tribute to her late father on Instagram during Father’s Day. Terri Irwin has paid her tributes to her late husband, though they haven’t been nearly as public as her star daughter’s.

Despite the claims that Irwin hasn’t dated since Steve passed away, she has lived a bit of the celebrity lifestyle. There have been almost constant rumors of the widow dating various Australian hunks and celebrities.

There was even the time when Terri was tied to Russell Crowe. She attempted to shoot those rumors down as quickly as they started, but it seems as though the press has long wanted to pair her off with someone.

Despite the desire by other people for her to find romance after Steve’s death, Irwin has avoided even the semblance of love since becoming a widow. Talking to ET Online, Irwin said she still feels an immense amount of loyalty towards Steve.

“I think for other people who have lost someone and have loved again, it’s a beautiful thing but it’s just not really on my horizon.”

She added that not finding someone else hasn’t left her lonely. Terri said she has a full life and spends as much time as possible with her kids.

The widow seems to have a very reasonable and measured approach to life after Steve Irwin. It is the fact that she hasn’t really date people that has made some wonder if she was truly happy.

We can only take what a person like Terri Irwin says about her feelings as the truth. There’s no way to know anything she says isn’t true and if she’s not looking for romance, then she’s happy the way she is now.

[Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images]