‘Big Brother 18’: Paulie Lies To Zakiyah About Game, Michelle And Zakiyah Bond, Nicole And James Attempt Damage Control [Spoilers]

On August 4, 2016, another live Big Brother 18 eviction episode aired, which took Da’Vonne Rogers out of the game and made her the first jury member of the season. Although most of the houseguests planned to boot Da’Vonne from the game this week, a couple of cast members were bewildered after Da’Vonne walked out the door.

Paulie was left trying to ease Zakiyah’s mind, but in the process, he lied to her about her safety in the game. In addition, Michelle and Zakiyah bonded over the loss of Da’Vonne, while Nicole Franzel and James Huling each tried to explain why they were part of the somewhat secret plan to evict the veteran player.

On Thursday night’s show, each Big Brother 18 houseguest eligible to vote chose to evict Da’Vonne, except Zakiyah Everette and Michelle Meyer, who were convinced by other players that Bridgette Dunning was the Week 6 target.

After Da’Vonne’s eviction from the Big Brother 18 house, Zakiyah was upset and saddened she lost a close ally. She was also confused why her showmance partner, Paulie Calafiore, did not inform her about the eviction plan.

At around 10:54 p.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Paulie walked into the safari room where Zakiyah sat. She asked him to shut the door and, in a “whiny voice,” asked him to tell her “what happened,” Joker’s Updates reports.

Paulie took the stance that he’d done nothing wrong and told her, “Well, I was clear with my intentions with Day [Da’Vonne] this week. I told you I was voting her out.”

The encounter was not only captured on live feeds but was broadcast on Big Brother After Dark as well. As the conversation continued, Zakiyah still seemed unclear about why others approached her after the eviction with apologies.

Paulie glibly surmised they probably “feel guilty” about voting Da’Vonne out, but noted, “I don’t need to apologize to you.”

Paulie said he thinks James threw the Head of Household (HOH) competition, which is making Victor and Paul suspicious. Victor won the Week 7 HOH, and Paulie claimed to believe Victor may nominate him for eviction this week.

According to Joker’s Updates, Paulie’s assertion was a bold-faced lie, as Paulie already talked to Victor about putting Zakiyah and Michelle on the chopping block this week. Eventually, though not seeming to truly trust him, Zakiyah reached out her hand to hold his, as they continued to talk game.

Michelle also felt slighted as a result of Da’Vonne’s eviction, and her devastation was evident throughout the house. As such, she and Zakiyah deduced all they have now in the Big Brother 18 house is each other and no one else can be trusted, including Paulie.

According to Joker’s Updates, Zakiyah told Michelle during her conversation with Paulie that he refused to make eye contact with her. Nevertheless, Zakiyah admitted she will cuddle with Paulie and “use him for all he’s… worth,” according to Joker’s Updates.

In the meantime, Nicole and James tried to ensure their games weren’t too damaged by their choice to evict Da’Vonne. According to #BB18 Feed Updates, Nicole approached Michelle, who was sobbing in bed. Nicole told her she felt she had no choice but to vote to evict Da’Vonne because she believed Da’Vonne was coming after her and Corey Brooks, Nicole’s showmance partner.

In a damage control attempt, Nicole profusely apologized to Michelle for keeping her out of the loop, but she felt it was best for her game because Da’Vonne was out to ruin hers, #BB18 Feed Updates reports.

Several hours later, when James tried to explain to Michelle why he kept silent about targeting Da’Vonne, things did not go well. According to Joker’s Updates, James felt as though Michelle was giving him attitude and asked if she had a problem with him. Michelle said, “Yes,” because he voted to evict Da’Vonne. He explained he heard Da’Vonne drop his name a few times and felt threatened.

Michelle asked James how he would feel if he was left out of the loop, and he replied he’d be “happy” he was still in the Big Brother 18 house, reports Joker’s Updates. Michelle then accused James of “playing dirty” and said she no longer trusted him. James apologized, and after yelling at him and proclaiming how angry she was, Michelle said to him, “I love you Jamesy,” as he exited the room.

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