‘Dunkirk’ Teaser Trailer: Get Your First Look At Christopher Nolan’s World War II Movie [Video]

Alexandria Ingham - Author

Aug. 5 2016, Updated 5:46 a.m. ET

Christopher Nolan’s latest movie now has a trailer. The Dunkirk teaser trailer was released yesterday, and movie goers get the first look at the World War II story.

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The teaser really is just that — a teaser — but it gives the first insight into the upcoming movie featuring Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, and One Directioner Harry Styles. The Dunkirk trailer just lasts for 66 seconds, which is very similar to Nolan’s other teaser trailers. It barely gives any of the storyline away, except for the fact that it is set during the Second World War and will tell the story of Operation Dynamo.

After a few shots of sand-covered bodies and stationary soldiers, the clip focuses on a boat filled with Allied troops making their way to Dunkirk. It’s assumed that an enemy aircraft is flying over them, as they all turn to look up at it before ducking.

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History fans and World War II buffs will know that Operation Dynamo was the latest attempt to get more than 300,000 Allied troops out of France, after being surrounded by Nazi troops. It was a British military effort, which is why a number of British stars are in the movie. The Hollywood Reporter shares that the setting is Dunkirk in 1940, before the Americans joined the cause.

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This is just the first official teaser trailer for Dunkirk, and will be shown in movie theaters before Suicide Squad, which was released on August 5. Warner Bros. opted to share the trailer on YouTube, though, since pirated versions had started to leak. Movie theaters may have a rule of no filming while inside, but people still take footage on their cell phone cameras.

As with many Nolan movies, Dunkirk has been filmed with IMAX in mind. It will likely have plenty of twists and turns, explosions, and fighting, as the Allies try to save their men from the enemy soldiers.

Those who are hoping to catch Harry Styles in action will be disappointed. He isn’t seen anywhere in the trailer. In fact, Tom Hardy fans will also find themselves upset. The focus is on a boatload of extras as they sail their way onto the beaches of the French city. Styles will be somewhere in the movie, but it is unclear what his role will be at this time. Even IMDb doesn’t have a character name for him. It also doesn’t have character names for the biggest stars, including Hardy and Cillian Murphy.

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There are just a few actors with character names so far. The White Queen‘s Aneurin Barnard will be in the movie playing the role of a man named Gibson. Scottish actor Jack Lowden, who played Thommo in The Troubles-set ’71 and Wolf Hall’s Thomas Wyatt, will play a man named Alex. Kenneth Branagh and James D’Arcy also star in the wartime movie.

The actual battle at Dunkirk is one of the most famous of battles from World War II. It was an effort from the British, Canadians, and Belgians to rescue the Allied soldiers from the French city, after Nazi soldiers had surrounded and captured them. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had called it a “miracle” that it had been successful, due to the dangers everyone knew were imposed.

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With the way the beach had formed, there wasn’t the option of taking large ships close to the shores. The troops had no choice but to take smaller boats in, get their men, and then get back out to transfer everyone back onto larger boats to get home.

Get your first glimpse of Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan here, set to be released on July 19, 2017.

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