‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’: Pregnant Tiarra Becca Reveals Husband On Instagram, It’s Not Scrapp DeLeon or J Nicks

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Tia Becca, or Tiarra, was in a relationship with Scrapp Deleon in Season 5 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. After she broke up with Scrapp Deleon, who went to prison, J Nicks showed interested in her, and it seemed like the two would make a nice couple.

However, it is revealed that Tia has a new man, who is now her husband. The mystery man made a debut on Tia Becca’s Instagram but she did not reveal his face.

The Instagram picture revealing her husband is captioned: “Happiness! We laugh together, get that [money] together, ride together… We heard about the insults but we’re too rich and happy to care, [love] BABY, oh BABY”

It is unclear why she did not reveal his face or whether either of them will be in the next season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Revealing a flat stomach, some fans of the show wonder if Tiarra is really pregnant. She previously explained that she sucks in her stomach when she takes pictures, but many fans are curious. In an interview with VH1 Tia stated the following:

“I usually hide my belly or suck it in [for pictures.] I am still doing appearances so I don’t want people to see the little budge at the bottom.”

Although her pregnancy is not showing yet, or she is really good at hiding it, she also talked to VH1 about her pregnancy symptoms:

“I still get sick every day. I barely eat. The doctor is worried because I only like ice water and crunching ice makes me feel better. I’ve lost eight pounds and so the sickness is really zapping all my energy.”

So W H A T #skin #queen #melanin #loveandwar #milfmoney #milfmomday #tiabecca

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In an interview with Ken Butler World, she shut down rumors about Scrapp Deleon and J Nicks, who got friend-zoned, being the baby’s father:

“No, my husband his name is Brian. [J-Nicks] is a friend I’ve had for years, but I could never date him, or sleep with him, or do anything like that. And he is a good friend but nobody on that show can compare to my husband… my new man is so great.”

There are rumors that there has been a domestic violence incident between Tiarra and her new man. There is allegedly a video of her being assaulted in Lennox Mall by her new husband. However, Tia Becca (Tiarra) shut down the rumors, stating, “I’ve asked for the video a million times while he was trying to blackmail me … It won’t show [anything] but us playing. We play like that. Dude is thirsty and he reaching,” reports Enstarz.

Neither J Nicks not Scrapp have spoken about Tiarra’s pregnancy. However, J Nicks has a video with her on Instagram suggesting that the two are still friends. Scrapp has a child with her and therefore, they will maintain a parenting relationship.

In the teaser for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2, it is revealed that Scrapp may not be King’s father after all. KK, Scrapp’s mother states that a woman told her the following “my son is King’s brother and Scrapp ain’t my baby daddy.”

Tiarra is going to react to the bombshell claim next Monday. Between the filming of Season 5 and now, Tia Becca has a new husband and is pregnant; therefore, there is a lot about her life we did not get to see this season.

There is a possibility that Scrapp is not King’s father, which is going to send sparks flying in the second part of the reunion.

Many fans criticized the format this season, stating their disappointment in the separate interviews, which reduced the chances of a confrontation.

What do you think of Tiarra’s new husband? Do you think he will make an appearance on the show?

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