Kim Kardashian ‘Obsessed’ With Weight Loss, Hopes Therapy Can Save Kanye West Marriage?

Kim Kardashian has been candid about her focus on shedding her post-pregnancy pounds. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star even admitted last month that she avoided all those tempting holiday parties during the Fourth of July weekend in order to stick to her diet, pointed out ET.

Since she and husband Kanye West welcomed their son Saint into the world in December, Kim has lost more than 60 pounds. But she wants to keep going, even it means missing out on party fun.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her whittled waistline.
“Stayed home today because I couldn’t tempt myself,” Kardashian shared on social media.

“Two weeks crazy strict Atkins diet.”

In addition, an insider revealed to Radar Online that Kim is using “drastic measures” to whittle her waistline. Although it is true that Kardashian is following the Atkins diet, the source contended that she is taking it “to the extreme” and staying exceptionally strict about even the smallest morsel of food.

“She is practically starving herself,” claimed the insider. “She will take the tiniest bits of food and barely eat it. She is SO STRICT with everything she puts in her mouth.”

Moreover, Kim reportedly has a secret when it comes to motivating herself to lose weight. She has been in competition with her increasingly slender sister Khloe Kardashian in an effort to be thinner than Khloe, claims the source.

“Kim works out all of the time. She is like a gym rat…She just wants to look like she magically dropped the weight.”

In contrast, there’s no magic, just hard work. Although Kardashian has shared her weight loss on social media, the insider also revealed that Kim has turned her pursuit of becoming slimmer into an obsession.

“[Kim is] obsessed with her weight. She scours the internet every day looking at pictures of herself. She wants to see from every angle how skinny she looks,” added the source.

Kim Kardashian reportedly has become obsessed with her weight.
As for evidence that Kardashian qualifies as a “gym rat,” she has been sharing photos of herself working out. One Snapchat workout post showed Kim “working out in between filming,” noted Us Weekly.

But Kardashian also joked about her appearance as she toned her rear while wearing cosmetics and styled hair.

“I’m officially that pathetic girl [in] the gym snapping & working out … In full hair & make up!”

Kim showed off her moves in an exercise session early in the morning, flaunting her abs in a black sports bra and tight leggings. Her regime includes “sprints then lunges on rotation.”

The result of her combined diet and fitness dedication shows on the scale, which Kardashian shared with her fans.

“I’m definitely [down] to my goal weight. I’m down more than I expected,” she shared proudly.

While that weight loss obsession seems to be getting Kardashian the slimmer size she desires, Radar Online cites sources claiming that she is facing a more serious challenge in her life, which is saving her marriage to Kanye West following rumors that they might split.

Concerned about the fate of Kim, Kanye, their daughter North and baby son Saint, family matriarch Kris Jenner has decreed that the “entire family” must head to therapy, revealed one of the sources.

But the cause of their marriage problems doesn’t appear to be related to their children. Instead, the insider claimed that Kardashian and West are suffering from communication problems.

“Kanye is just so over the fact that sometimes Kim will not listen to him.”

Kris feels that the situation has gotten to the point where she can’t handle it anymore, according to the source, who revealed that West often requests Jenner to take on the role of a “mediator in their marriage.” Consequently, Kris wants them all in therapy.

“Kris is ordering Kim and Kanye, as well as the kids, into family therapy right away because she cannot take it anymore,” said the source.

But Kardashian is battling back against her mother by ordering her to “butt out of her life,” claimed the insider.

However, Gossip Cop investigated the therapy story. It cites Kardashian’s representative as claiming that the therapy story is not true.

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