Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry Can’t Stop Kissing, Body Language Expert Reveals What The Naked Paddle Boarding Photos ‘Really Mean’

Orlando Bloom’s uncensored penis pictures aren’t the only photos of the actor making the rounds. Bloom and Katy Perry have together been the focus of a whole bunch of photos lately as they enjoy a sunny vacation and lots of PDA. Of course they may not have been so much in the spotlight on this getaway if Orlando hadn’t bared all when he stripped naked during a paddle board outing with Katy. Once those penis pics went viral, it was too late to stay out of the public eye, and as things started “heating up in the land of passion and pasta,” the cameras were there and ready to record.

E! News reports that Orlando and Perry are giving every sign known to romance watchers that their relationship is “still going strong” seven months after they first “sparked rumors” of something special between them. After Orlando’s crazy paddle boarding photos caught everyone’s attention, people wanted to know more about the paddle boarding and everything else that Katy and Orlando were up to on the southern Italy vacay “docked on the shores of Sardinia.” What fans noticed right away was that Bloom and Perry “couldn’t keep their hands to themselves” during their Italian getaway on a private yacht.

The couple “packed on the PDA, embracing, kissing, laughing and rubbing sunscreen on each other” during an afternoon picnic with some friends at a public beach, and they didn’t care at all that cameras were catching every uncensored minute of their sexy back-and-forth.

The “Rise” singer and Lord of the Rings actor probably didn’t plan that Bloom’s naked body would end up being on display too, but it made no difference to their affectionate ways when they found out.

Orlando’s paddle boarding photos left fans wildly eager to find uncensored pictures of Orlando’s package. Bloom really hit the big time of online fame when he began to trend on Twitter because of his admirers’desperation to see him in his all his glory [sic].” Most of the photos first posted had Bloom’s penis “strategically covered with an emoji” or a plain black box, and that tasteful censorship left a lot of people disappointed. The Mirror decided they’d give “readers a choice to see it for themselves” if the photos were worth all the hype. It’s certainly true that Bloom, 39, “looked very comfortable in the buff” as he steered the paddle board for Perry.

The whole paddle boarding photo experience has led to a lot of microscopic soul-searching for fans wondering what Orlando’s naked paddle boarding photos were all about, aside from getting to see Orlando in the nude! Body language expert Judi James told the Mirror that even though Orlando is the one pushing the physical affection, to say nothing of nakedness, Katy seems “comfortable” with her British beau’s antics.

“Firstly it’s refreshing to see a celebrity couple displaying genuine attraction and passion instead of the usual diet of showmances. Katy and Orlando’s body language displays suggest quite a long-term and strongly bonded relationship but clearly also an intensely sexual one as well.”

James went on to explain that Bloom’s paddle boarding nudity was “curious” because Katy didn’t give any sign that she was likely to join him.

“It is unusual for one partner to strip off and the other not unless you’re lying sun bathing. To turn around on a board to find your guy has stripped behind your back might normally be alarming or slightly worrying!”

Perry didn’t seem at all disturbed by Bloom’s public nudity, and that could be because “it’s a habit” he has and she’s used to it. Fans would love to get used to it too!

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