‘Little Women: LA’ Stars Terra Jolé and Joe Gnoffo Welcome A Son

Fans of ‘Little Women: LA’ have been eagerly awaiting the birth of the newest member of the family, and now they are celebrating along with the parents after Grayson Vincent Gnoffo was born on Monday, August 1, in Los Angeles. According to People, Grayson was born at 8:35 a.m., weighing in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces and measuring 19¾ inches.

“Two days ago, our Penny became a big sister,” Terra Jolé told People. “Joe and I fell in love with the most perfect baby boy. It’s especially wonderful to have the first male child in the family that will carry on our last name.”

He is the couple’s second child. Their first child, one-year-old Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo was born in March of 2015. As the parents of two very young children, Terra and Joe will definitely have their hands full. The new baby will definitely change some of the family dynamics, but Terra and Joe can handle the new challenge. Fortunately, Terra and Joe will have some very capable help from Penny’s nanny, Olevia, as well.

“Heartburn, nausea and the emotional roller coaster were all worth it for this perfect soul,” adds Terra Jolé. “Life is going to be hectic with two babies under the age of 2, but there’s nowhere else I’d want to be than in our little family.”

Starcasm shared that Terra posted a photo of the newborn on Instagram with a caption saying that she couldn’t be happier. She certainly looks very contented in the photo, with Joe by her side as she holds Grayson.

Besides being very busy with her family, filming two shows, acting, and producing, Terra has added singer-songwriter to the list. Earlier this year, Terra Jolé released the first song from Penny’s Playlist of Nursery Rhymes. Viewers of Terra’s Little Family were treated to one episode where she was appeared in and produced several videos for the songs. Joe and Terra’s close friend, Tonya Banks, also appeared in the videos.

Almost every one of the Little Women: LA stars was pregnant during this season of the show. Briana (Manson) Ericson, Elena Gant, and Terra Jolé have since given birth, and all of them had boys (Elena had twin sons). So far on the show, only Elena has given birth, and the twins came six weeks early after she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

Briana had her own serious health scare when she was hospitalized for a time with a bowel obstruction, but she did recover and was released. Jasmine Arteaga Sorge recently revealed that she is also pregnant, and perhaps she’ll keep the streak going with another boy. With all these babies, one thing is for sure as none of the kids will ever lack a playdate pal.

Terra and Joe’s other series, Little Women: Terra’s Little Family, will undoubtedly include more footage and information when it returns concerning Terra’s pregnancy and the subsequent delivery of Grayson. So far, it isn’t clear if Grayson has any form of dwarfism, and during this season of Little Women: LA, Terra’s doctor said that the baby’s measurements did not suggest that he would be of small stature. If he doesn’t have dwarfism, he will be spared many of the grueling hours of doctors visits and procedures his older sister Penny has endured.

As fans of both shows know, Penny had neck compression surgery that relieved pressure and swelling, and since the surgery, she has done very well. She has to periodically undergo an MRI to check fluid levels on her brain because high levels could eventually require Penny to have a shunt inserted to relieve the pressure. Otherwise, Terra and Joe’s adorable daughter seems to be very happy and healthy.

Are you a fan of the shows? Perhaps some of the drama and arguing will become less prevalent as most of the families stay busy tending to their newborn. Leave your comments, thoughts, and congratulations to Terra and Joe below. Little Women: LA airs on Wednesday’s at 9 p.m. ET on the Lifetime channel.

Image via Terra Jolé/Instagram