Mike Shouhed’s ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Co-Star Discusses Jessica Parido And Former Boyfriend Karlen Shubaralyan

Jessica Parido’s relationship with her former boyfriend, Karlen Shubaralyan, has been targeted by her Shahs of Sunset co-star Mercedes Javid.

While appearing on Andy Cohen’s late-night talk show on Bravo, Watch What Happens Live, Javid was asked what she would say to Jessica Parido if they came face to face. In response, Javid made her feelings towards Mike Shouhed’s ex-wife quite clear.

“Shame on you. Stop using us. I’m sorry that you thought Mike was going to get you a Rolls Royce and a Rolex and a Chanel,” Javid explained during the episode, according to a report by The Daily Dish on August 3.

What Javid was referring to were reports of Jessica Parido’s romance with Karlen Shubaralyan, whom she went public with in November just days after filing for divorce. At the time of their public outing in Los Angeles, Jessica Parido walked side by side with her then-boyfriend, who reportedly purchased her a Rolls Royce shortly after they began dating.

“[Jessica Parido] like 100 percent left him and moved in with that Armenian, so if you paid attention to the Reunion Part 1 she, bounced,” Javid alleged. “When I was calling out the situation back in July, August, September, whenever it was, that’s because she jumped off. So for somebody who says, ‘I’m not Jewish, I’ll convert. I’m not this, I’ll do that’ and then all of a sudden you get married and then the first three months you’re out with another man in his apartment, driving his car, um, yeah I would just play back her life for her.”

After seeing Javid’s interview on Watch What Happens Live, Jessica Parido weighed in on her comments on Twitter, telling her former co-star, “If anything you are using me, your frozen egg story line can only last so long. If you need material for Season 6 let me know.”

Jessica Parido continued to date Shubaralyan until earlier this year when, after a romantic birthday trip in Miami, the couple parted ways. Although the reason behind their split was never confirmed, rumors swirled at the time, claiming Shubaralyan was in a heap of legal trouble due to the alleged rape of his ex-wife, Taline Bilamjian.

In February, Page Six shared the details of the charges against Jessica Parido’s former boyfriend, claiming Shubaralyan was accused of “forcible rape, burglary, violating a restraining order, two counts of injuring a spouse, two counts of dissuading a witness from reporting crimes to authorities and three counts of criminal threats.”

While Javid is clearly no fan of Jessica Parido at this point, she appeared to feel differently just months ago when she claimed her love with Shouhed was a “storybook romance.”

“I am such a sucker for romance that when I saw what they were going through, I thought I took everything as real and authentic,” Javid said in May.

According to Javid, Shouhed wasn’t ready for marriage when he and Jessica Parido tied the knot in March 2015, but Parido was.

“[Jessica Parido] wanted to be a wife,” Javid explained at the time. “After they got married, the dust settled and way too much reality set in and everything that she thought about what a marriage would be [was] too much of the glitter instead of the real [of] what marriage is.”

Jessica Parido has not yet commented on her breakup from Shubaralyan, and he has remained silent in regard to their split as well.

[Image via Jessica Parido/Facebook]