‘American Sniper’ Star Bradley Cooper Surprised About Backlash After Attending DNC

Actor Bradley Cooper like most celebrities, attended the DNC, but unlike most in Hollywood, he received backlash for his attendance. Such backlash, that Cooper explained he wasn’t expecting it.

So what makes Cooper so special in this situation? Well, Cooper was in a very well known film called American Sniper, which had a huge Republican audience and spawned many pro gun fans. In the film, he plays real life American hero Chris Kyle, who was one of the most accomplished snipers to date. Cooper was so convincing in the role, that he went on to earn an Academy Award nomination for the role, in addition, some thought he might be a republican as well, and that’s where the backlash began.

Here’s a taste of just how some people reacted when they saw Cooper at the DNC. Granted, he didn’t look too happy to be there, but it was still a moment that angered republican fans.

Of course, there were others that didn’t agree with the backlash.

The topic of Bradley Cooper’s appearance at the DNC came up when the actor was on The Late Late Show. Cooper explained of the mounting backlash from being filmed at the DNC:

“I was not expecting that. The republicans were up in arms that I was watching the president speak.”

Cooper’s friend and collaborator, Todd Phillips, who directed the actor in The Hangover franchise, made light of the whole thing. Phillips sat next to Cooper during his appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“It’s like the mob being mad at [Robert] DeNiro for being in The Intern.”

Now that Cooper has been outed as an “alleged” Democrat, the actor opened up about what it was like to be at the DNC. The actor, who grew up in Philadelphia, where the DNC was being held, took his mother with him. He was mostly excited about seeing President Obama speak.

“I just kept on watching my mom. He was unbelievable. To be there probably one of the last times we’re going to hear him speak. I think he was an incredible president. I was very excited.”

Due to Cooper being outed, he was able to tell another story about dining with popular democrat, former President Bill Clinton. Their dinner happened while he was filming one of the Hangover films. At the time, President Clinton was giving a speech in Thailand on energy alternatives and visited the set. Cooper called the president “very amiable” and as far as conversation topics go, the sky was the limit.

Mostly, Cooper, Philipps, and Clinton spoke about comedies together.

Were you surprised by Bradley Cooper’s appearance at the DNC?

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Photos]