Michael Kittrell From 'Hollywood Hillbillies' Comes Out As Transgender, Changes Name In New YouTube Video

Inquisitr Staff

Michael Kittrell from Hollywood Hillbillies shared on YouTube on Tuesday that he's transgender and is working on becoming a woman through hormone therapy. The new video was uploaded under Kittrell's username "CopperCab," and has had mixed reactions from fans of the redheaded internet superstar.

Michael Kittrell, 23, has been entertaining viewers for the last six years on his YouTube channel, with his very first video, titled "Gingers Do Have Souls," having over a million views. Since that first video in 2010, Kittrell has landed a reality TV show on Reelz, also known as the ReelzChannel, and has hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers, but says he's been hiding his true identity from fans for all these years and is now "done pretending."

"It may seem cliché, but Caitlyn Jenner helped me out a lot. I know that she gets a lot of flack because she is a lady of means. She has a lot of money and not every trans person can look like her because she's able to afford surgery."
"I'm not going to pretend to be someone else anymore. Not in front of the camera and not behind one."
"I'm genuinely ecstatic. Even SHANE DAWSON followed me and tweeted me this morning. This is nuts! I've had such a rough year coming up to this video, the last few days have been absolutely nerve wracking, but I'm so proud of how everyone has responded."