Jonah Hill Responds To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Crazed Fan Prank In New York

It may not look like it most of the time, but celebrities are just like us, especially when they assume that there are no cameras around.

DiCaprio, for instance, is someone who loves to play silly pranks on his fellow actors. And it appears that his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill is one of his favorite victims.

On Monday, Leonardo DiCaprio pulled a crazy prank on Hill when he saw him standing on the side street of New York City’s West Village, Entertainment Tonight repors.Instead of greeting his friend in a calm manner, Leo charged at his pal while whipping out his smartphone, making it appear as if he was a crazed fan who wanted to take a picture.

Jonah, wearing a black jacket over a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans, looked like he got his living daylights scared out of him before realizing that the “manic fan” was his friend Leo.

The Oscar-winning actor, visibly amused by Jonah’s reaction to his prank, made it up to his spooked friend by giving him the tightest of bear hugs. Yep, the bromance between them is alive and well!

The cute encounter was captured on video by a third party from across the street, which you can see below.

At a screening of his upcoming dramedy War Dogs, Jonah Hill was asked by Entertainment Tonight how he felt about DiCaprio’s prank on Monday.

“It was funny! I was totally taken off guard,” Hill, 32, said. “I was scared s**tless”

DiCaprio and Hill are certainly redefining bromance goals since they became friends on the set of Wolf on Wall Street. In movie premieres, the two are often seen being chummy with each other. When Jonah delivered his SNL monologue, Leonardo made a surprise appearance and reenacted the iconic embrace scene with Kate Winslet on Titanic by hugging Jonah from behind. “I’m flying, Jack!” Hill screamed. And with that, the actor got to play Rose for one day — an opportunity many DiCaprio fans would risk limb and life for.

Jonah, in wanting to please Wolf of Wall Street director Martin Scorsese, once agreed to be punched in the face for real while filming a scene for the movie. The actor who was tasked to punch him was none other than Leo himself.

“I turned to Leo… because I’m never going to say no to Martin Scorsese, and Leo just, I’m looking at him like, ‘please help,’ … and then he just slowly looks away in the other direction,” Hill said, laughing. “Leaving me hung out to dry basically… and I go, ‘OK, alright, cool, alright, let’s do this.'”

Shortly after the scene was reset, Leonardo gave him a good one.

“My big fake teeth that I wear split in half and fly out of my mouth, and I’m on the floor,” Hill said. “Scorsese’s like, ‘get him new teeth and shoot his face because it’s swelling.'”

The Revenant actor seems to have a tendency to become the talk of the town on account of the most random happenstances. When James Corden featured Jennifer Lopez on an episode of “Carpool Karaoke,” he texted Leo using J-Lo’s phone to ask for nightclub suggestions, as reported by Daily Mail.

“Hey baby, I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions?” Corden wrote, ending the text, “J.Lo, you know, from the block.”

Lopez looked embarrassed yet amused when she found out that Corden had sent the text for real. Interestingly, DiCaprio texted back.

“You mean tonight boo boo? Club wise?” J-Lo read from her smartphone before showing the screen to the camera to prove that the text was legitimate.

[Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision for Hennessy/AP Images]

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