Donald Trump On Twitter: The Donald Mocked With A Hashtag Just For Him, #TrumpOlympics

Meme, Thy Name Is Donald

At this point, Donald Trump is practically the official sponsor of political controversy. From throwing shade at war heroes to ranting and raving about a woman’s crying baby, he’s managed to keep the spotlight on himself during his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016. So, at this point, is it really any wonder his Twitter is blowing up with meme after meme mocking the Celebrity Apprentice” star?

Trump Card

Apparently, the new fad is to use #TrumpOlympics to throw digital tomatoes at The Donald. One such veggie-slinger tweeted, “Triathalon: Divorce, bankruptcy, and tanning. #TrumpOlympics.” Another played on the recent revelation that Trump had dodged the Vietnam War as a young man by inventing a new Olympic sport.

Oh, Hill No!

A pro-Hillary account even tweeted back at those who defended Trump, calling their memes “desperate and factless.” Let the Twitter political wars begin! The Fearless Leader himself has taken shots at Hillary via Twitter many times (and vice versa) as well.

And The Medal Goes To…

Other Twitter users took the Trump Twitter trolls a bit further by taking footage of actual Olympic events and cropping The Donald onto the real athlete’s faces. While Donald didn’t win a gold medal for real, he did recently receive a Purple Heart from a group of war vets. Some, though, claim The Don doesn’t deserve this medal and it should be revoked given the supposedly disrespectful manner in which he’s treated veterans and others lately.

Trump Olympics
Defending Donald

Some users rushed to The Don’s defense using the same hashtag. One Tweeter stated that President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton were “champions” at screwing over the American people, while another deemed “being on point at 3 AM” a new Olympic game.

The Birth of A Hashtag

The Washington Post found that Huff Post‘s Comedy account brought the Trump hashtag to life on Tuesday afternoon. Yet another Twitter hater slayed Trump by exposing a $250 million tax scandal he and his children were reported to be involved in. The news did come from the Daily Beast, though, so take that as you will.

Spreading Like Wildfire

The Trump-trashing memes weren’t just limited to Twitter, either. People also began the #TrumpOlympics tag on Instagram, where things like a “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” sign appeared in front of a superimposed Trump face, ironic since the Democratic Party’s symbol is a donkey. Another Instagrammer took a pic of someone’s Tweet in which the original poster decided “Synchronized Screaming” should be a new Trump Olympic sport featuring former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

And of course, Trump had defenders on Instagram as well. One user broadcasted a tagline that sounded like it was straight out of a made for TV movie: “Trump isn’t the hero America deserves, he’s the hero it needs.” The original poster made said patriotic statement clad in a red, white, and blue tank and sunglasses because you can apparently never say “LAX Bro” loudly enough.

The Real Trump Olympics

Trump actually did carry the Olympic torch in New York City before the 2004 Olympics in Athens, as the Independent found, so there is some connection to the real Olympics. If a picture of The Don himself representing our nation doesn’t inspire you, then are you even American-ing? Social News Daily also pointed out the bad press Trump has gotten for eating fried chicken on his plane with a fork. That’s sure to alienate the food industry voters.

Trump Olympics
Dump Trump?

There have been other anti-Trump campaigns across social media as well. The ever-Liberal New Yorker, for example, published an article titled “Trump And Putin: A Love Story” featuring a mural of the two politicians making out with each other, also probably a comment on The Don’s feelings towards gay marriage. There’s even a Twitter account with the username @DumpTrump22, so the message is pretty clear. Let us know what you think of the Trump Olympics in the comments below.

[Image via @BlackCatUnloads/Twitter]