‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Do Derek And Heather Stay Together?

Season 4 of Married at First Sight just started airing and of course, everyone wants updates on the couples. Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel are one of the couples that tied the knot this season. Of course, spoilers are usually hard to find, but it has already been revealed whether Derek and Heather will last or not. In Touch Weekly shared a big spoiler about what happened with Derek and Heather during their marriage.

It turns out that on their honeymoon, Derek shared that he is really into smoking weed. This is something that Derek likes to do, but Heather wasn’t a big fan of it at all. The source went on to explain saying, “He asked her for permission to smoke and she said it was fine, but then she freaked out because she thought he did it too often during their honeymoon.” Heather saw that this might be an issue, and it turns out that it was one for them. She obviously didn’t realize how often he would be doing it when he asked her permission on the honeymoon.

There is already a huge spoiler out about Heather and Derek’s relationship. It won’t last, and it sounds like the fact that he smokes weed all the time was the problem. Heather Seidel will end up breaking up with him before they even get to the big decision day. Their marriage won’t even make it to the end of the show. Heather will call it quits before then, so it sounds like the rest of the season could focus on the other two couples. Heather was really nervous on their wedding day, and it sounds like she had a good reason for it.

Radar Online shared that Heather Seidel isn’t perfect either, though. In the past, Heather was actually arrested for showing off her breasts in public. Police reports say that Heather was taken into custody on March 21, 2003, and charged with disorderly conduct and providing false information to police. It was reported that Heather got arrested after she was showing her breasts off to a large group of people.

At first, Heather said her name was Tessa, which of course, is not true. When she was processed, Heather admitted that she told them the wrong name. This MAFS star did admit to showing off her breasts. The police report shared a few more details.

“I observed a female later identified as Tessa standing in the bow of a boat. I observed her lift her bathing suit top twice to the large crowd. Males in the crowd then threw beads. The original false information she gave was from an I.D. card she had found. She did not know the person to whom she represented herself as.”

Heather Seidel did plead guilty to the charges. She wasn’t tested for alcohol, but the reports said that she had been drinking. This happened about 13 years ago, so Heather has probably changed a lot since then. The fact that Derek was still partying at this age and during his marriage was a big problem for her. Hopefully, Heather can go on to find love again, but being married at first sight didn’t work for her. She may have learned a few things about what she wants in a partner from the show. Of course, Derek and Heather can’t tell anyone how the show ended until it airs on television.

Are you shocked to hear that Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel didn’t make it work? Did you think that these two would be a great match? Sound off in the comments sections below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Married at First Sight on Tuesdays on A&E.

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