Drive-Ins May Be Nearly Extinct, But Now There’s Hot Tub Cinema

Hot Tub Cinema may be the most relaxing way to watch a good flick. London movie fans have had the unusual opportunity to blend the enjoyment of the outdoors with motion picture entertainment. There is no known equivalent permanent viewing experience in the United States, but perhaps the success of the London rooftop theater will prompt a creative entrepreneur to open up similar venues across America.

Young moviegoers looking for something different to do on a Saturday night flock to the outdoor movie theater. The fun experiment has now grown into a successful business which currently boasts 12 spas that are always occupied on viewing nights.

Asher Charman, one of the masterminds behind splashtastic endeavor, had this to say about the Hot Tub Cinema during a Sky News interview:

“We wanted to watch a movie, we wanted to use the hot tub, and we just thought, why don’t we project it out of the kitchen window onto a bed sheet on the washing line, and see what the results will be, and that was how it was born. About a year ago we thought, you know what, it’s about time we’ve grown our garden here, we’ve got three or four tubs, it’s time to take the step up and here we are now.”

Movie buffs are treated to a glass of champagne before stepping into either the six or eight person spa. Watching a cool flick is just part of the fun at the rooftop cinema. After patrons watch a colorful London sunset from their prime vantage point, water relays, dancing bikini-clad women, and socializing once the credits stop, rolling are all part of the exciting atmosphere at the outdoor theater.