Who Is Karlen Shubaralyan, The Man ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Jessica Dated After Mike? Is It Over?

At the Shahs of Sunset Reunion, Reza and Mercedes mentioned that Jessica, Mike’s soon to be ex, was dating soon after she left Mike and that the guy was a scary individual. It seems that Jessica’s rebound man was Karlen Shubaralyan, and Reza and Mercedes made the point that Mike’s estranged wife was a gold-digger, and was lured away by Karlen Shubaralyan, as he bought her a fancy car just after she left the Shahs star. But according to headlines, Reza might have a point that the rebound man, Karlen Shubaralyan, is likely a bad guy.

According to the Inquisitr, Karlen “Chris” Shubaralyan sounds like a bad guy, as he was arrested, for charges of rape and stalking, and he is facing serious prison time. At last check, Shubaralyan was being held without bail for stalking and raping his former wife. It is being reported that Jessica and Shubaralyan have recently broken off their relationship, as she was likely stunned that Shubaralyan is facing 10 felony charges including rape, stalking, and burglary.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Shahs of Sunset Jessica Parido has been dating Karlen Shubaralyan since the fall of 2015. The crimes that Karlen Shubaralyan is charged with started in 2014 and continued through the time that Karlen Shubaralyan was dating the Shahs star. At the time of his arrest, Karlen Shubaralyan’s wife had a restraining order against him, and he was out on bail for another matter that involved grand theft. In other words, on the Shah’s reunion, Reza had a right to be scared for speaking ill of Karlen Shubaralyan.

Us Magazine says that very soon after Shahs of Sunset Parido walked out on Mike Shouhed, she was linked to Karlen Shubaralyan, who seemed to be showering her with gifts, including a Bentley, which is odd, because he was out on bail for passing a bad check, and burglary. Shubaralyan, who looks a bit like a Bond villain, was seen for a time out and about at the hot spots where you go to be seen, including Craig’s in West Hollywood.

But Enstarz is confirming that according to Mike Shouhed, Parido has ended it with Shubaralyan, as it was truly just a rebound. Parido also confirmed the split with a Twitter post.

“Thank you God for giving me the strength to leave his lying cheating ass when I did. I will give my ALL to the man that deserves it one day”

It seems that Parido has realized that since leaving Shah‘s Mike Shouhed, she went from the frying pan into the fire in a relationship with Shubaralyan. Mike Shouhed, who was previously defiant with the split, has shown a new face on the Shahs of Sunset and is now contrite and protective of his estranged wife. Shouhed also seems happy that the relationship with Shubaralyan.

“I think that was just a rebound. I hurt her and she was looking for someone to give her attention and love and fill a void that she was feeling with me, but it’s done.”

But Shahs Mike Shouhed still sounds like he would love to have his estranged wife back.

“Jessica and I have spoken. We’ve hung out. We’ve talked. It’s difficult, five years together, we shared a lot of memories. She was my emotional rock. She was my cultural rock. She was my religious rock. She was the person I went to bed with and woke up with every day. So to miss that person in my life, there was a huge void.”

There seems to be no sign that the couple can reconcile, but Shouhed did confirm on the Shahs of Sunset reunion that he was starting dating, and a divorce is in the process.

Have you been watching the Shahs of Sunset reunion? Who do you think is worse, Mike Shouhed or Karlen Shubaralyan?

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