Justin Bieber’s ‘Huge’ Vacay House And ‘Gorgeous Models’ On Big Island, But Does Justin Miss Selena?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez aren’t heating things up together, but Bieber is having a sizzling time with a “gaggle of women” on vacay in Hawaii. The “Cold Water” singer is taking a break from his Purpose Tour and making the most of every minute, living it up on Hawaii’s Big Island. Hollywood Life reports that Bieber is having a fun vacation, but that’s got to be the understatement of the year. News outlet Capital FM tweeted that they dare anyone to look through Justin’s holiday album without getting “seriously FOMO.”

With his pal, a fashion designer who goes by the name of Cedric, Justin is spending all his Hawaii chill time surrounded by gorgeous models, and one look at the Biebs’ Instagram page shows just how much fun Justin and Cedric are having. His women friends have been flaunting their sexy bikini bods and filling the page with hot pics.

According to TMZ, Justin’s hanging out with gorgeous women just about every minute of his vacation and he’s decided to rent an “insane crib” so there’s room for everyone, even if Selena isn’t likely to show up. The Big Island house is perched on the very top of one of Hawaii’s incredible cliffs filled with waterfalls, and appropriately called the Water Falling Estate. Bieber won’t be chasing waterfalls on this vacation because the enormous party house rests on top of waterfalls. Some fans are showing a bit of envy on Twitter, telling Bieber to “keep up the hard work” that paid for his party place.

Justin is too busy with all his female friends and the fantastic Falling Water Estate itself to have time leftover for hikes. The house is reported to be worth $6.8 million, and rents out for a mere $10,000 a night.

“Do the math — it’s a lot o’ money.”

It’s well worth the cost if you’ve been writing lyrics like Justin Bieber’s and have the cash in spare change. Justin’s little cottage includes a high dive and two-story water slide that highlight its incredible waterfall location. It’s also got a basketball court if he craves a bit of exercise, two ATVs, and several ponds for some outdoor time, and a private chef in case he has a craving for something special in the middle of the night. That’s not all the Hawaii mansion has to offer: there’s a “sick” rooftop helicopter pad for those times that Bieber wants to get away from it all with his friends.

“Good livin’.”

That’s exactly what Justin and company did on August 1. According to the Daily Mail, Justin hired his own pilot to fly him and his “group of bikini beauties” around the Hawaiian Island for some fabulous views. After the ongoing rumors of Bieber and Gomez splits and reconciliations, Justin “may be flying solo” romantically, but the 22-year-old is flying for real with a whole lot of lady friends, and he’s sharing the proof with his fans. He posted a pic where he had his arms around two of the lovely ladies, and threw up peace signs overtop their heads. Although Justin looks blasé, both the young women are smiling, and look blissed out to be there.

One fan hoped to get in on the fun since she’s in Hawaii at the same time as Justin. “Lauren” asked Bieber to come find her and rescue her when she was stranded.

Fans are itching to find out what’s really going on with Justin and Selena, though. Justin can’t seem to leave her out of anything, and the “Where Are You Now” singer keeps teasing old pics of Selena, and even hints that there might be a recent collaboration between the teenage lovers.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]