WWE News: Paige Injured, Has Been Pulled From WWE’s Overseas Tour

Paige hasn’t been heavily featured on WWE programming for quite some time. During the WWE Draft, she was drafted to Raw, but WWE is now two weeks into the brand extension, and Paige has yet to make an appearance on WWE television. There has been a lot of speculation about her absence, especially considering a lot of the things that have been written about her lately.

Instead of the WWE Universe talking about Paige in the ring, they’ve been talking about her social media activity on her relationship with fellow WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. It was reported that the couple was unhappy about being drafted to separate brands, but it was revealed by CageSideSeats.com that WWE might have separated them because of her social media activity.

Paige Could be Out With an Injury
The WWE Universe is clamoring for more Paige on WWE programming, and they aren’t getting it. When that happens, it leaves the fans to speculate about her status. That speculation only intensified when the news broke on RingSideSeats.com that Paige was being pulled from WWE’s overseas tour of Australia and New Zealand.

During the tour, Paige was originally scheduled to team with the current WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks against the team of Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Since Paige is off the tour, those matches are now being featured as handicap matches, but WWE may give The Boss another partner. The bigger story here is why was Paige was pulled from WWE’s overseas tour?

The natural instinct for a lot of people was to assume something had happened in her relationship with Alberto Del Rio since that is what most of the buzz surrounding Paige has been revolving around recently. However, Paige’s mother revealed on Twitter earlier today that it not the case. Instead, Saraya Knight revealed the following:

There were a lot of theories about why Paige was missing the WWE overseas tour. A lot of people thought it could be backstage heat. Others threw out the idea that she might be pregnant, which would explain her absence. Like many theories the WWE Universe creates when they are left to their own speculation, they were proven to be incorrect.

Her mother has finally revealed that her daughter is dealing with an injury. Unfortunately, that answer leads to a different series of questions about Paige’s status with WWE. The WWE Universe is going to want to know the severity of the injury, how long she will be out of action, and when she suffered the injury.

Paige Makes An Entrance During a WWE Live Event
If Paige’s injury had been severe, there is a good chance that it would have been reported on sooner. Whatever Paige is dealing with now seems like it is something minor, but that is just further speculation without any facts. The point is that she won’t be a part of WWE’s upcoming overseas tour this month, and it is very likely she won’t be appearing on WWE programming either.

There was a rumor that WWE could be planning a feud between Paige and Stephanie McMahon in the near future, which would be a huge step up for her to revamp her character on Raw when she returns to WWE programming. She’s been bouncing back and forth between being a face and a heel far too often, so establishing herself again would be a good thing for her on WWE TV.

Ultimately, the WWE fans are speculating on Paige’s status because they want to see her perform. False rumors and speculation are good things because it means the WWE Universe is still thinking about Paige despite her inconsistency on WWE television. It could be awhile before she returns, but the WWE Universe will welcome her back with open arms. The big thing is she’s also got to stay healthy and make sure that when she returns to WWE, she’s going to stay in the ring.

[Image via WWE.com]