Mosquito Grocery List: Got Mosquito Bites? Five Unusual Grocery Store Items To Relieve The Symptoms

Most people already know about using such ointments and creams as Aloe Vera to relieve the itchiness and burning of typical mosquito bites. The fact that you can purchase Aloe Vera gel or cream in most grocery stores makes it a convenient option to consider, especially during those hot and humid summer months when mosquitoes are prevalent. Fortunately, there are several other grocery store items that can effectively relieve the frustrating symptoms of mosquito bites.


Take any lemon and slice it in half. Use either one of the halves and gently rub it on each of your mosquito bites.

These little fruits are capable of giving you fast relief from the itchiness of those annoying bite marks on your skin, according to Life Hacker.


Many people don’t realize that toothpaste can take care of your teeth and the itchiness of your mosquito bites, according to Live Strong. Take a dab of your favorite toothpaste and place it on each of your affected areas. Do not try to brush or scrub it into the skin, as doing so may cause further damage to your skin and raise the risk of infection.


Did you know that salt naturally has an abundance of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties? You can use the medicinal benefits of salt to your advantage when it comes to mosquito bites. Mix table salt with a few drops of water and stir it together to make a paste. That paste can then be applied to your affected areas.

The salt side of the mix may cause your bite marks to burn, but the burning sensation should only last a few seconds. Before long, you will notice the relief and will be thankful that you used this salty solution.


The common belief that garlic fixes quite a few different things is proven even further when it comes to relieving the itchiness and swelling of mosquito bites. Place minced garlic directly on your bite marks. Unlike several of the other grocery store items on this list, you can’t apply the garlic and then wipe it away immediately. On the contrary, you need to leave the garlic in place for several minutes in order for it to work properly. Studies show that even eating garlic can work as an effective mosquito repellent as well, according to the New York Times.

Baking Soda

Thanks to its alkaline, baking soda neutralizes the pH levels of your affected bite marks – providing fast relief. A good way of applying it to your mosquito bite marks is as a solution mixed with water.

Use a clean cloth to apply the mixed solution directly to your mosquito bites and rub it in for at least ten minutes.

Other Common Remedies

Over the years, when finding relief from mosquito bites and marks, applying honey to the affected areas is another popular idea. Even though it may seem effective, there’s also a disadvantage: the sweetness of the honey could end up attracting more mosquitoes to your skin. For an effective remedy without that potential backfire, you can hold ice cubes (or an ice pack) against your mosquito bites for 15 minutes to relieve the itchiness and discomfort. Most ointments and products with antiseptic properties, such as witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, and even hand sanitizer with alcohol, can also come in handy.

Most people would agree that mosquito bites are one of the most unpleasant parts of the spring and summer months year after year. Before you consider burning a hole in your budget for expensive mosquito bite treatments, perhaps a quick trip to your local grocery store will do the trick.

[Image via Sumroeng Chinnapan/Shutterstock]