James Bond: Aidan Turner Way Ahead Of Twelve 007 Candidates

The James Bond search continues, but now one guy suddenly lords it over the rest. Aidan Turner has a lead, according to The Sun, that will be very hard to beat. Aidan’s lead seems to have come out of nowhere, but the fact remains that he has always been in the list without ever getting booted out.

As such, he is the most consistent contender to the 007 throne, as in “slow and steady wins the race,” to quote a line from Aesop’s fable, The Tortoise and The Hare. If you have no idea who Aidan Turner is and yet his face looks so familiar, you probably watched The Hobbit movies, where Turner plays the role of Kili.

He also plays John Mitchell in the BBC supernatural series Being Human. Still, the real wind behind Aidan Turner’s back, the one that propelled him to be on top of the James Bond pecking order, would have to be Poldark, an old BBC series that got a makeover last year. Turner plays the lead role of Ross Poldark.

When Poldark‘s Season 1 aired in March last year, the series immediately garnered 9.4 million TV viewers, earning the series the coveted BAFTA recognition for Radio Times Audience Award. When BBC did a promotional campaign for the series by featuring Aidan Turner shirtless while scything the field, British audiences went completely nuts.

Poldark returns for the second season on September 4. According to Independent, Aidan Turner is committed for as many as six seasons of the series.

Also according to Independent, the iconic picture that highlights Aidan Turner’s six-pack abs would be in British newspapers every day for the next six months after the BBC promotional campaign launched. So it wasn’t surprising that his picture would ” win Top TV Moment of 2015 in Radio Times’ readers poll.”

Now let’s compare and contrast the 33-year-old actor’s abs with those of Daniel Craig, the 48-year-old outgoing James Bond.

According to RTE IE Entertainment, Aidan Turner split from his long-time girlfriend Sarah Green last year. Since then, the hunky Dubliner has been set on dating “someone who doesn’t care about his job and is completely removed from the acting world.”

The top James Bond candidate explains why.

“I’ve been in that world before where you’re with someone who does the same thing and it can be quite difficult sometimes because that’s all you are. You go home and talk about casting directors, the press and the next job and it becomes quite dull.”

The Northern Irish actor also can see himself being in love with someone for the long term. When it comes to the subject of soulmates, however, he cringes at the thought. Aidan Turner says that even if soulmates did exist, becoming too attached that way could hurt so much for both parties if one or the other were to pass away. Still, he claims that he is a romantic at heart.

Work-wise, what can be expected from Aidan Turner, if he clinches the James Bond role, is that he is likely to work as hard, if not harder than Daniel Craig who is known for his perfectionist attitude on the film set.

Turner confesses that he’s not into acting for the money, but that he really digs the craft.

And back to the searing James Bond competition, The Sun says that “Aidan’s main competition comes in the form of War and Peace’s James Norton, who at one point was bookies favorite, but now stands at 7/2.”

Further, according to the source, Aidan Turner is definitely a strong contender as one person has already placed a bet for $1,333 for the actor. Here are the current odds and the top 12 contenders for the James Bond role.

  1. 6/4 Aidan Turner
  2. 3/1 Jack Huston
  3. 7/2 James Norton
  4. 6/1 Tom Hiddleston
  5. 10/1 Colin Salmon
  6. 12/1 Idris Elba
  7. 12/1 Tom Hardy
  8. 14/1 Damian Lewis
  9. 33/1 Gerard Butler
  10. 33/1 Henry Cavill
  11. 33/1 Michael Fassbender
  12. 40/1 Sam Riley

As you can see, Aidan Turner is ahead of the pack by a huge margin. Still, may the best James Bond candidate win.

[Photo by Gero Breloer/AP Images]

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