Kenya Moore Slammed By Matt Jordan: Is ‘RHOA’ Tearing Them Apart?

Kenya Moore has been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for quite some time, and she knows that the drama in Atlanta keeps the ladies employed by Bravo. If there isn’t enough drama on the show, the ratings will suffer, and she knows this.

But according to her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan, it sounds like Kenya is actually using him to create more drama, and he’s tired of being used by her to get reality television success. He recently opened up on Instagram about his frustrations regarding her scheming ways, and he’s making some shocking accusations.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Kenya Moore is now being accused of setting up Matt Jordan in Atlanta. Apparently, he believes that Moore begged him to come back to Atlanta to see her, just to surprise him with the entire production team at her home. Maybe he believes that she only asked him to come back to her so they could film their drama for The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Matt expressed his frustrations about the whole situation on his private Instagram, revealing that he’s tired of Kenya Moore and her inability to separate their real lives from reality television. Of course, Moore has signed a contract to film her life for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so he should know that she would be waiting for him with the camera crew. However, many Real Housewives stars have been able to keep personal issues hidden from production, so Kenya Moore could have met up with him to discuss their issues. Matt later deleted his Instagram posts, but Bossip managed to grab some snapshots of his feelings.

“I know I wasn’t the best man all the time. I told myself I wasn’t going to leave LA but my queen asked me to come back, so we can celebrate my birthday and work out our relationship issues together. And I pull up to the crib the whole freaking production team cameras and microphones everywhere I think at some point we have to separate reality and reality TV,” read one of the deleted posts that Matt shared about Kenya Moore’s setup.

Over the past couple of months, Moore and Matt have been working on their relationship. A few weeks ago, the two traveled to Mexico, but things quickly turned ugly during a fight. He was accused of being aggressive with her and kicking down a hotel door as Kenya was trying to hide out. This fight supposedly started over a pair of broken sunglasses, according to TMZ. The fight may be featured on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, as the cameras were rumored to be with them. After the incident, Matt posted the following message on Instagram.

“Listen closely. I’m upset with my queen right now. Once again the message does not seem to be getting through too many of you. This in no way was open season on Kenya Moore, as I stated before I chose to use my platform to express my opinions. Before I am viewed in a different way on television (Damage control). As I awoke this morning I see people calling her whores and a bunch of mean things. She made a mistake as we all have. Trust me if she had no real intention for me she could have turned her back a long time ago with the amount of mistakes that I have made. This lady has seriously saved my life at least three times that I can count in the last two years. Things that right now I’m too embarrassed to even talk about but trust me this lady has jumped on grenades for my small life,” Jordan previously revealed in an Instagram post about Kenya Moore.

After the incident, Moore didn’t reveal anything about whether she wanted to work things out with Jordan. She was clearly not happy with the way he acted, and he publicly revealed that he was not proud of his actions. They have been trying to work things out, but he wasn’t pleased when he showed up at Kenya Moore’s Atlanta home and the production team was waiting for him.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s decision to film their reunion in Atlanta? Do you think she should keep her relationship troubles a secret from production?

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]