‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Did Eviction Target Finally Figure It Out In ‘BB18’ House? [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the eviction target knows she is going home. The BB18 house was discussing how the eviction ceremony would play out on Thursday night (August 4), as well as how a possible double eviction would work. A report from fan site Big Brother Feedster has James Huling and Natalie Negrotti discussing who the house wants to see evicted next. They were talking about next week, with Bridgette Dunning and Victor Arroyo mentioned as the primary targets.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it is Bridgette Dunning and Da’Vonne Rogers who are at risk of being evicted on August 4. If the BB18 house intends for Bridgette to be a target next week (or through a double eviction), then it clearly shows that Da’Vonne is about to get a one-on-one meeting with host Julie Chen. In regard to the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers, the live feed viewers aren’t the only ones who know Da’Vonne is in trouble, as James Huling may have inadvertently told her everything.

Many of the houseguests were having a meeting about the short-term and long-term eviction plans in the BB18 house, with one topic including Da’Vonne Rogers getting evicted next. When Da’Vonne came to join the conversation late Tuesday night (August 2), the group attempted to switch topics. James then mentioned that the second target in a double eviction should be either Bridgette Dunning or Victor Arroyo. Oops. This reveals the plan that Bridgette is about to survive the first eviction of Week 6. James wasn’t the only one to ruin the secret backdoor attempt.

The Veto ceremony already took place in the BB18 house for the week, so Da’Vonne is on the block next to Bridgette. She has been present when many different houseguests have hinted that Bridgette is going to survive the next eviction, plus she even walked in on a conversation where James let it slip that Bridgette could be the “next” target. All of the bread crumbs have been laid out for Da’Vonne to know the truth, but she is allowing herself to remain in the dark about what is going to happen at the next eviction ceremony.

It’s such a sure thing that Da’Vonne Rogers is about to be evicted, that now people are discussing throwing her a pity vote. Nicole Franzel and James Huling have each talked about voting against Bridgette Dunning just so the upcoming vote isn’t unanimous. It’s a hollow endeavor, as Da’Vonne is going to eventually see how the votes worked out, with James and Nicole actively campaigning to get her out. Any possible short-term gain from the additional lies would get washed away in the long-term scenarios.

All Big Brother 18 spoilers point toward Da’Vonne Rogers getting evicted next, and Bridgette Dunning becoming the primary target in the BB18 house again. If Bridgette can find a way to win the next Head of Household, she could really shake things up by possibly targeting the two remaining veterans (Nicole and James). It’s also possible that the four veterans could get evicted in consecutive weeks if the rest of the house finally figures out how many alliances each of them have formed this summer.

As the BB18 house begins stirring on Wednesday morning (August 3) it has almost become comedic how oblivious Da’Vonne Rogers has been to what’s going on this week. Last week, she was well aware of how much danger she was in, but this week she has believed every lie that her former alliance has been telling her. Instead of laughing off the potential of being targeted for eviction this week, Da’Vonne has mere hours left to wake up and do a course correction. While further Big Brother 18 spoilers could indicate some additional drama, Da’Vonne may be evicted on August 4 without even putting up a fight.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]