Jordan Rodgers’ New Job: ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Lands Gig With ESPN’s SEC Network

Jordan Rodgers has a new job at ESPN

Former Vanderbilt University quarterback Jordan Rodgers has had a whirlwind couple of months. Rodgers got engaged to JoJo Fletcher on the most recent season of ABC’s The Bachelorette; aired his family tension with his brother Aaron, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers; and landed a gig with ESPN’s SEC Network as an in-studio analyst.

Let’s break this down piece by piece.

On Monday night’s finale of The Bachelorette, JoJo chose Rodgers over Robby Hayes, and the two are now engaged to be married. Technically, filming ended in May, and per the Bachelorette rules, Jordan and JoJo weren’t allowed to be seen with each other in public until the finale.

“We’ve been in hiding – we bounce around every couple of weeks to these safe houses,” Rodgers told Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper on Tuesday’s Live with Kelly. “We’re not allowed to go outside, can’t be in the front yard.”

“You can’t be seen together?” Cooper asked.

“Nope, not at all,” said Jordan.

Apparently, Rodgers wasn’t about to let the rules get in the way of seeing his fiancee.

“There was one time she was staying at a hotel in Hollywood, and I kind of threw on a mullet wig and a trucker hat,” Rodgers said as he described one of the times he broke the rules.

“No one knows this – I’m going to get in trouble,” Fletcher laughed.

In the process of courting JoJo, Rodgers revealed some family tension on the show between him and his famous brother, Aaron.

During the July 18 edition of The Bachelorette, Jordan’s father, Ed, made the statement “Fame can change you” when referring to the rift between Aaron Rodgers and his family.

According to Us Weekly, the source of the tension may actually be Aaron’s famous girlfriend, Olivia Munn. A source told the magazine that Munn “has a strong personality and every meeting she has had with them has gone badly.”

Apparently, the situation is so bad that neither side can agree on which side started the fight.

“The family says Aaron stopped talking to them,” said an insider. “While Aaron says they don’t talk because his family doesn’t like Olivia.”

As if a whirlwind engagement and airing family drama in public wasn’t enough, Jordan Rodgers’ newfound fame has apparently landed him a job with ESPN’s SEC Network. Rodgers will provide college football commentary as an in-studio analyst.

Many will assume that Jordan only got the job because of his appearance on The Bachelorette, but ESPN Senior Vice President Stephanie Druley claims that isn’t the case.

“We began planning for the upcoming college football season in February and Jordan was one of our first calls,” said Druley. “He had a unique perspective as a quarterback at Vanderbilt University and we were immediately impressed with his intelligence and passion for the game.”

“We first interviewed Jordan in March and he auditioned in May, before The Bachelorette had begun airing,” Druley said. “We were struck by the clarity of his thought and strong, thoughtful opinion on the many layers of college football.”

Rodgers is scheduled to make his debut on August 23 on the network’s show, SEC Now. Jordan will join former SEC players such as Tim Tebow, Anthony “Booger” McFarland, Marcus Spears, and Greg McElroy as analysts on the SEC Network.

“I’ve devoted my life to football,” Rodgers said. “I was never the most talented player on the field. I had to work hard for it and sharing those experiences and that knowledge is my new focus.”

Who wouldn’t want to be Jordan Rodgers right now?

[Image via ABC News]