Rolando McClain’s Contract With Dallas Cowboys At Risk After Purple Drank

Rolando McClain is nowhere to be seen at Dallas Cowboys’ training camp, but head honchos are batting it away. The news is that Rolando McClain tested positive for opiate, revealing an addiction for “purple drank,” a combination of Sprite, codeine, and cough syrup. Is Roland’s contract with Dallas Cowboy at risk?

It’s not just the contract that is at risk — there is a real possibility that Dallas Cowboys linebacker may never play for the NFL ever again. Right now, he faces a “10-game suspension,” but it looks like nobody seems to know the real reason for this sentencing.


“Even we don’t know all the details,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said to ESPN when asked about McClain as he walked off the field after Tuesday’s walkthrough. “We just don’t know.”

Coach Jason Garrett also took a nonchalant attitude towards the fact that Rolando McClain is missing-in-action.

“We’re focused on the guys who are here,” he said.

Dallas Cowboys are indeed turning a blind eye towards the fact that the 27-year-old linebacker is not present, posting pictures on Twitter showing their athletes getting back into fighting shape.


Purple drank may not seem very serious, but it has caused deaths, Rapper Pimp C being the prime example of drug abuse gone wrong. Other side effect is weight gain, which is what is rumored to be happening with Rolando.

“It also is ingested constantly, and victims of using this often gain lots and lots of weight,” reports Bleacher Report. “That’s exactly what is happening in McClain’s case, where he’s gained approximately 40 pounds, according to those two sources, and he is incredibly out of shape at this time.”

Addiction to purple drank, combined with a 40-pound weight gain, may signal to the end of his contract with Dallas Cowboys. But even before the positive test came into light, Rolando McClain was not on a stable path in his career. In fact, he may not even want to continue playing football.


“He has retired twice in his career before joining the Cowboys in 2014,” reports ESPN. “He participated in the early part of the team’s offseason program but did not last long.”

This isn’t the first time that the player hailing from Alabama received a suspension from substance abuse. In July, 2015, he was cut off from playing the first four games of the season.

“I apologize to my family, the Cowboys organization, my teammates and Cowboys fans for my mistake,” Rolando McClain said in a statement via the NFL. “I will not break the rules of my profession in the future, and I regret my error. I look forward to returning to the field on week 5, when I hope to help my team beat the Patriots.”

The linebacker first entered NFL in 2010 when he got drafted for Oakland Raiders and moved to Baltimore Ravens, when, at the age of 23, declared that he is retiring from the game. He signed a contract as a free agent with Dallas Cowboys a year later, after the team lost Sean Lee for a season. Rolando McClain was talked about being a good fit for the team as he picks the game back up again after his retirement — his future looked brighter than ever before.

“It will be difficult to define how much McClain is worth because this was the first time he has had success at this level,” reports ESPN. “The Cowboys got lucky with him and he might realize this is a good spot for him to remain and not just go to the highest bidder in free agency.

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[Photo by Brandon Wade/AP Images]