‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Chad Johnson’s Behavior And Its Shocking Consequences

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 premiered last night on ABC, and the Chad Johnson drama kicked into high gear right away. It also carried on all night. As reported by Us Weekly, when Chris Harrison returned the following day to check in on the Bachelor of Paradise cast and crew, he learned of Chad’s behavior, leading to a shocking turn of events.

The opening episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 was definitely not short on the drama, and, no shock here, Johnson was at the center of it. Minutes in, Evan was poking around in Johnson’s luggage in the search for protein. He didn’t find that, but he did get a good laugh when he ran across a meat scale. Cut to a shot of Chad in the kitchen, rummaging around in the refrigerator in search of protein. This was followed by a closeup of Chad binge-eating turkey. That was humorous, but so far, no animosity or malicious behavior. That didn’t last long.

Lace felt an attraction to Johnson early on, and later we found them kissing in the hot tub. Lace told Chad she wanted to see his softer side. She sadly was disappointed as their time together was full of conflict and included slapping and shouting.

Lace was pushed over the edge when Chad told her, “Don’t be a f***ing f***ot.”

This was followed by Johnson saying he was going to “murder everyone here and build them into a f**king bottle.”

And when confronted about his behavior with Lace, Chad pretty much ended all possibility of recovering from this when he said, “F**k that one-armed b***h. I don’t give a s**t,” which was followed the next morning by Johnson saying, “The only person who should be offended is Army McArmenson.”

When Chris Harrison returned the next morning and learned of Johnson’s behavior, he asked him to leave.

“We all came here to be in paradise — in a matter of one night, you have turned this into hell. I saw what you said to Sarah. I saw what you did to Lace. I saw what you did to the staff. Being belligerent to the staff of this hotel…. You told everyone at this hotel last night to suck a d**k. You had a chance to turn over a new leaf, and you didn’t…. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.”

Chad had some not-so-nice words for Harrison as he left and also cursed the crabs that admittedly seem to be everywhere on the Bachelor in Paradise beach.

Yahoo TV reported on comments Harrison made about the ordeal, saying Johnson “was really glib and really arrogant, and really pissed me off. You know, have a little culpability in your actions — and he didn’t.”

Chris says he doesn’t, however, believe that Chad is a villain or a bad guy and that he doesn’t hold any grudges against Johnson.

“Chad is not a bad person… of course, on our show — he’s the villain, she’s the villain — whatever. I don’t think life’s that simple and one of the things I’ve learned about the show over 15 years is that it’s not. There’s that big gray area, and Chad is one of these people I find very interesting and compelling: why is he doing what he’s doing?”

Harrison also said that he and Johnson have made further amends since the show ended and that Chad apologized to him during a commercial break while taping Men Tell All. He also hinted that the drama with Johnson is not over. Apparently, there will be more during next week’s episode, which it seems hasn’t made Chris angry with Chad, but rather more concerned about him.

“He has some issues. I hope he deals with them. I hope he gets better.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

[Image via ABC]