‘The Bachelorette:’ JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Already Planning For Baby

Just days after it was revealed that The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher had chosen Jordan Rodgers to be her fiancé in the ABC dating show’s big Season 12 finale, the couple are already revealing their big baby plans.

The newly engaged Bachelorette couple spoke candidly about becoming parents in a new interview with EXTRA, where JoJo and Jordan admitted that they’ve already discussed starting a family and know how many children they want to have.

“We agreed on three,” Jordan revealed of his big plans to start a family and have a baby with JoJo earlier this week — but are Fletcher and Rodgers already trying to get pregnant?

“We’re set on three, but we are going to enjoy our relationship [first],” JoJo continued to the site, dispelling rumors that she and Rodgers could start trying for a baby right away while revealing that she is in fact planning on taking the Rodgers family name when she and Jordan get married.

“We are going to get married and then kids will follow after that,” Fletcher added of her future with Rodgers.

JoJo also dished on just when she and Jordan will be getting married, admitting that she’s expecting to have a big wedding sometime in 2017 and babies to follow soon after.

The Bachelorette couple also spoke out about their baby timeline in a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where JoJo revealed that she definitely sees herself becoming a mom within the next five years.

“We absolutely want kids,” JoJo told the site following the Bachelorette season 12 finale on August 1. “I have this vision that by 30 I’ll have kids [so] that gives me five years and enough time to start figuring it out,” Fletcher added of a potential pregnancy.

And it looks like JoJo and Jordan could be putting their baby plans in action sooner rather than later, as Rodgers told the site that he’s already gotten the ball rolling when it comes to moving to Dallas, Texas, to be closer to Fletcher and her family.

JoJo and Jordan’s big baby plans come just days after Rodgers took to Instagram to post a heartfelt message for his new fiancé where he told the world that he was “ready” to start his life with Fletcher and vowed to be committed to the Bachelorette star for “the rest of our lives.”

“I love you more than anything,” Jordan told JoJo in the Instagram message, which Rodgers posted to the social media site just hours after he and Fletcher made their debut as a couple on The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose special.

“You are the most amazing woman on this planet, you are my best friend, and my rock,” Jordan continued. “I have grown to love you more and more with every passing day,” The Bachelorette contestant added, revealing that he’s excited “to be fully committed to each other for the rest of our lives.”

“That seems like a long time, but already I know it won’t be nearly long enough,” Rodgers wrote in the lengthy post, alluding to a long future with Fletcher that includes babies down the line.

“Here’s to the next 100 years, and a 100 more after that, because no amount of time is ever long enough to spend with the love of your life. You are my everything, and I’m so ready to marry you and do life with you,” Jordan concluded in his sweet message to Fletcher.

JoJo also took to the social media site to post a gushing message of her own following the conclusion of The Bachelorette, posting a photo of herself and Jordan alongside the caption, “Fight for the fairytale, it does exist.”

What do you think of JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers’ big plans to start a family and have a baby in the not too distant future?

[Image via Cary Fetman/Instagram]