Sarah Herron Rejects Chad Johnson’s Weak Apology After His ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Meltdown

Sarah Herron didn't appreciate Chad Johnson's lame apolpgy

Sarah Herron wants more of an apology from Chad Johnson than a weak, taped mea culpa. After Johnson’ epic meltdown on the season premiere of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise, Herron took to Twitter to say the Bachelorette bad boy needs to contact her directly to make things right.

Sarah Herron was one of the victims of Johnson’s verbal attack, and she pushed to have him removed from the Bachelor spinoff show. But after viewing the premiere episode, Sarah says Chad needs to really tell her he is sorry — personally.

Chad Johnson got extremely drunk during the taping of the summertime reality show earlier this summer in Mexico. While the premise of BIP is for former Bachelor contestants to get a second (or third) shot at love, Chad’s goal seemed to be to slam as many shots as he could in a two-hour time period. By the time he was done, all of his fellow castmates — and even some of the BIP crew — were victims of his wrath.

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But Johnson saved his most biting comments for Sarah Herron. Sarah was born with a limb deficiency and only has the upper part of her left arm. When Sarah called the controversial luxury real estate agent out for his abusive behavior toward the other cast members, Chad unloaded on her in a shocking way.

“F**k that one-armed b***h. I don’t give a s**t,” he said. “Keep sucking that fame d**k.”

Later, Chad said the only cast member who should have been offended by his drunken behavior was Sarah. But even then, he insulted her.

“The only person who should be offended is Army McArmenson,” Johnson said of Herron.

Ahead of the BIP Season 3 premiere, Sarah Herron revealed that she felt sick to her stomach in anticipation of what Chad said behind her back. But after the episode aired, she posted another tweet, making it clear she’s disgusted with him.

Chad Johnson has tried to apologize for his behavior. After the show aired, he posted a short video apology to Sarah Herron.

In an interview with 9 News, he admitted that he regrets his behavior on the show, but especially what she said about Herron.

“I regret everything that day,” Chad said. “But you can’t take it back, so whatever. That’s the way it goes…. I made a joke about Sarah, and I do feel really bad about that. I am sorry to them for saying the things I shouldn’t have said.”

He definitely picked the wrong person to mess with. Sarah Herron is fan favorite, and host Chris Harrison was not at all happy to find out what the bad boy said about her. When he showed up to tell Johnson his days in Paradise were done, Harrison specifically called him out for what he said to Sarah.

“We all came here to be in paradise — in a matter of one night, you have turned this into hell,” Harrison said. “I saw what you said to Sarah. I saw what you did to Lace. I saw what you did to the staff. Being belligerent to the staff of this hotel…. You told everyone at this hotel last night to suck a d**k…. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.”

Bachelor Nation quickly came to Sarah Herron’s defense after the episode. Some fans and show alums have credited Sarah for empowering women, while others bashed Johnson. Herron finally had to ask fans to stop bullying Johnson but admitted they had a right to be mad at him.

Sarah Herron was first introduced to Bachelor Nation on Season 17 of The Bachelor, which starred Sean Lowe. She later returned for the first season of Paradise, and she remains a close friend of Harrison.

“[Sarah Herron] is a very good friend of mine,” Harrison told Glamour. “I love her to death. She’s an amazing woman. When she came back—because I knew she was coming back—I said, ‘I’m rooting for you. Period. Hands down. You are one of my favorites.’… I would love for her to find love. I will continue to work for her.”

Take a look at the video below for more on Chad’s apology to Sarah Herron and Chris Harrison.

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