Fifth Harmony Drama: The Girlband Cancel Tour Dates Amid Reports Of A Feud With Camila Cabello

It looks like there could be drama brewing for Fifth Harmony.

Amid rampant rumors claiming that Camila Cabello could be feuding with her bandmates, the girlband have now left fans fuming after cancelling four stops on the North American leg of their “7/27 tour” without explanation.

A new report by Breathe Heavy is claiming that Fifth Harmony just cancelled their upcoming shows in Auburn, Washington, Ridgefield, Washington, San Diego, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, set for next month.

The Fifth Harmony girls are yet to officially reveal exactly what caused the big tour cancellations, though the site is claiming that poor sales are not to blame despite a recent report from Perez Hilton suggesting that the band’s North American tour dates weren’t selling quite as well as the girls had hoped.

Fifth Harmony Drama - The Girlband Cancel Tour Dates Amid Reports Of A Feud With Camila Cabello
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Breathe Heavy reported that Fifth Harmony’s now-cancelled tour dates actually boasted pretty healthy sales about five weeks before the shows were set to take place, with many having less than 10 percent of seats still to sell.

“Only 83 tickets of the 4,000 total in Vegas were unsold, 500 tickets of the 5,000 total were available in San Diego and 146 unsold tickets out of 18,000 in Washington,” the site revealed.

A number of Fifth Harmony fans took to Twitter to speculate about the cancellations, with many demanding an explanation from the band as to why they cut the North American leg of the tour short by almost a week.

“Fifth Harmony why did you cancel my show (and three others). [Please] just give us an explanation I’m so sad” Twitter user @radregui tweeted out to the girls, while Fifth Harmony fan @grandeslaurinah wrote on the social media site, “tell us why you cancelled those shows and that you’re not going to cancel anymore @FifthHarmony.”

Fifth Harmony Drama - The Girlband Cancel Tour Dates Amid Reports Of A Feud With Camila Cabello
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“This is a TOUR,” Fifth Harmony fan @everydaydinah added. “You cannot just cancel future shows [without] an explanation. [People] went through highs and lows to make sure they see y’all.”

But while a number of Fifth Harmony fans demanded an explanation for the newly canceled dates, others took to Twitter to speculate that the recent rumors of a feud within the band could be behind the sudden reason to pull four stops from the “7/27 tour.”

One Twitter user speculated that the cancelled tour dates could fall on the same week that Camila is expected to drop a new solo single with Diplo and suggested that the Fifth Harmony girls had to pull the plug on the shows for Camila to be available to promote the track.

“That’s the week when Camila’s Diplo song comes out and they need her for promo,” Fifth Harmony fan @UmbilicalKordei alleged.

Fifth Harmony are yet to comment on the rumors, but the tour cancellations come just one day after Perez Hilton reported that Camila’s bandmate Normani Kordei struggled to have anything nice to say about Cabello in a recent interview.

The site reported that Normani was asked to describe her Fifth Harmony bandmates in just one word, and after quickly referring to Ally Brooke as “Sunshine”, Dinah Jane as a “turn up queen” and Lauren Jauregui as the group’s “therapist,” Normani appeared hard pushed to find a compliment for Camila.

After a slight hesitation, Normani then admitted that she finds her Fifth Harmony bandmate to be “quirky.”

Fifth Harmony Drama - The Girlband Cancel Tour Dates Amid Reports Of A Feud With Camila Cabello
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Fans were quick to speculate that Normani’s hesitation was a serious diss aimed at Cabello, which followed weeks of speculation that there was drama in the band after the girls celebrated the Fourth of July while on tour in Brazil without Camila.

Breakup rumors were sent into overdrive after Normani, Lauren, Dinah, and Ally took to Snapchat to show themselves celebrating the holiday in South America, while Camila revealed on the social media site that she was back at the hotel working on what appeared to be solo music.

In a Snapchat photo uploaded to Twitter by Fifth Harmony fan @CCabelloNews, Camila showed fans her makeshift studio on the bathroom floor of a hotel room, which she captioned, “My lil studio I’ve been stuck in all day.”

What do you think of Fifth Harmony cancelling four stops on their “7/27 tour?” Do you think drama with Camila Cabello could be to blame?

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