Shannen Doherty Says Dog Detected Breast Cancer First During New Interview

Shannen Doherty is going through a rough time in life right now. The Charmed actress discovered she had breast cancer in February last year, and her life has changed dramatically since the diagnosis. Doherty has remained positive, living her life as best as possible with the hand she has been dealt. Her family and friends have rallied around her to show support, but things aren’t as promising as they once were.

Back in May, Shannen Doherty underwent a single mastectomy. It was her right breast, which ironically was the same place her dog would sniff incessantly time and time again. According to Us Weekly, Shannen Doherty believes that her dog, Bowie, was the first to detect her breast cancer. She would continuously go to the same spot on Doherty’s body over and over again. When she was diagnosed last year, there wasn’t much shock. Doherty sort of expected something, but had no idea that Bowie was alerting her to the fact that she had breast cancer.

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Up until now, Shannen Doherty has been extremely quiet about her battle with breast cancer. She has been surrounded by plenty of family and friends who have helped her hold it together. The future being unknown is a scary thing for the former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress. She spoke out in a rare interview recently, giving details of her condition and the uphill battle she is facing. Doherty recalled thinking at one point she would be dead in five years. Her husband was not happy with the comment and burst into tears at the thought of losing his wife.

There was a series of photos Shannen Doherty shared with the world just a few days ago of her shaving her head. Because she is undergoing chemotherapy to treat the breast cancer, her hair would be falling out anyway. The emotion behind the photos was breathtaking, showing Doherty at a very vulnerable moment. She was surrounded by loved ones and is currently sporting a scarf over her bald head. It was announced that the cancer had spread beyond her breasts and has been found in her lymph nodes. As of now, Shannen has completed three rounds of chemotherapy and will have eight total throughout the course of treatment. On top of that, she will be beginning radiation. After all of this, Doherty will be checked out once again to see where everything stands.

Holly Marie Combs has been a good friend to Shannen Doherty throughout this scary diagnosis. The two have remained close since starring as sisters on Charmed. While things haven’t always been rosy in her professional life, many of her former co-stars are pulling for her to beat this cancer. Jason Priestly spoke out about how much of a fighter Doherty is, sending her all the positive vibes he has. The two starred on Beverly Hills, 90210 together as twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh.

The next several months are going to be an uphill battle for Shannen Doherty. Treatments are going to take their toll and she will need all the support she can get from family and friends. Having had surgery in May to remove one of her breasts was a very courageous step, one that Doherty didn’t take lightly. As she prepares for the fight of her life literally, her mortality is hanging in the balance. At one point Doherty absolutely believed she would be dead in just a few short years. Now, she has decided to give her all and fight breast cancer until she can no longer do it or comes back with a clean bill of health. People all over are pulling for Shannen Doherty to make a full and speedy recovery.

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