Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello Shaded By Own Bandmate? Normani Kordei Couldn’t Find Anything Nice To Say About Cabello When Asked By Reporters, See Awkward Interview

Did Camila Cabello just receive some serious shade? The Fifth Harmony member was reportedly burned by fellow bandmate Normani Kordei, who when asked to compliment Cabello had to awkwardly reach for something to say. Hollywood Life found that Kordei easily praised the other members of Fifth Harmony, but could only call Camila “quirky” after a short pause. Is the 20-year-old Normani taking after the group’s idol, shade queen Mariah Carey?

After being asked to “describe each girl in one word,” Normani praised fellow band members Ally and Lauren as the “light of [her] life” and her therapist, respectively. Kordei told funny/touching stories about the other band members with ease but hesitated when it was time to talk about Cabello. And the way it was phrased, we’re not even sure “quirky” was meant to be a compliment.

Normani’s answers for the other girls were deep and explanatory. However, when it came to Camila, it seemed Normani had to think hard to come up with even a superficial pat on the back. Kordei also said that Dinah (Hansen) was the life of the party and had a boombox with her wherever they went, even through security at the airport.

Normani Kordei Camila Cabello Shade
From left to right, Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Lauren Jaregui, and Ally-Brooke Hernandez at the MuchMusic Video Awards, June 19. [Image Via Sonia Recchia/Stringer/Getty Images]

If there is bad blood between the “Work From Home” songstresses, could it have ties to Taylor Swift? Camila has been close with Swift and her ”girl squad” in the past, and some accuse Swift of trying to drive a wedge between the band members. According to some rumors, Tay Tay has even tried to convince Cabello to leave the other four harmonies behind. Ouch!

Could the cracking relationship between Camila and Normani be the kiss of death for Fifth Harmony? Some are already claiming the band is hurtling towards disaster and that a future break up might be inevitable. Even if there are personal rivalries, Fifth Harmony is still thriving creatively.

The girls’ song “Work From Home” scored a Teen Choice Award in 2015 and 2016. They are also currently on the road for the 7/27 Tour in support of their new album. The new record is named after the date in 2012 when Fifth Harmony was born, as Bustle will tell you. The artists originally auditioned for The X Factor as five solo acts, but were grouped together by the judges and finished third.

Normani Kordei Camila Cabelo Shade
Fifth Harmony performs at the Go Red For Women red dress fashion show, Feb. 2016 in New York City. [Image Via]

There could be other reasons why there’s been tensions between Cabello and Kordei recently. Unreality TV pointed out that Cabello has been involved in a number of solo projects lately, and may be pursuing her own career. Is she preparing for a world without Fifth Harmony? Or possibly pulling a Zayn Malik and realizing when it’s time for her to move on?

The girls all have unique musical and personal backgrounds, which might also play a role in them wanting to do different things. IMDB notes that Camila takes after Disney stars like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, while Lauren looks up to Lana Del Rey and Coldplay.

The difference in musical styles was also a big factor for Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction, so it’s not a far cry to think Camila may be heading her own way soon also. However, each girl from 5H was cut from the X Factor on their own and only found success as a group. This might mean unity is as important to Fifth Harmony as it is to the Republicans in 2016.

For now, there’s no real reason to assume Fifth Harmony is done. Despite what the press is claiming, the girls have rebounded from a number of scandals and will likely thrive even if their relationships are damaged. Let us know what you think of Normani’s interview below. Did she intentionally throw shade at Camila, or was there just a natural pause that’s being overanalyzed?

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