Jaden Smith And His GF Love It Up At ‘Suicide Squad’ Premiere Amid Rumors That She’s Cheating [Video]

Jaden Smith joined dad Will Smith at Will’s Suicide Squad New York premiere on August 1, lady love Sarah Snyder in tow. In fact, the young lovers almost stole the show as Jaden and Sarah spent a good portion of the evening all over one another and generally engaging in significant PDA as premiere attendees and media looked on.

As TMZ reports, Jaden Smith and his aspiring model girlfriend were hugging, kissing, and holding hands all evening as they celebrated Will Smith’s much-anticipated Suicide Squad role. The duo looked like they were having more fun than virtually anyone else in attendance; they looked affectionate and totally in love.

Unfortunately for Jaden, the New York City event, in all its romantic glory, took place just before the rumor mill began grinding full speed and social media began spinning out the story that Sarah Snyder’s public affection may have been a disguise for her infidelity.

So how did the rumors that Jaden Smith’s lady might be cheating get started? As Hollywood Life reports, Jaden Smith’s girlfriend of over a year was thrown under the metaphorical bus by a photographer named Gunner. Reportedly, Gunner tweeted (then deleted) a photo of himself in bed with Jaden Smith’s girlfriend.

To add insult to injury, Gunner tagged Jaden in the illicit pic.

The photo was tweeted out at around 10 p.m. on August 1, the same day that Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder were photographed so happily engaged at the Suicide Squad event.

To make matters a bit worse for Jaden Smith, it looks like the controversial deleted tweet (which was screenshot and retweeted over and over again), from the angle of the picture, it appears that the shot was snapped by Snyder, who also appears to be shirtless as she’s spooned by the photog.

Another sketchy detail of the whole Jaden Smith cheating drama is that Sarah Snyder’s once public and very popular Instagram account is now private. According to social media reports, Jaden Smith has also stopped following the 21-year-old model (to be fair, it’s not the first time he’s done so, but the timing is highly suspect, at least to Jaden’s legion of fans).

It also appears that Snyder and her photographer have been platonic buddies for a while, and there are numerous photos floating around on social media of the pair chilling out. Unlike Jaden Smith’s lady, Gunner hasn’t bothered to turn his social media accounts private since the cheating rumors began to circulate.

This isn’t the first time that Jaden Smith and his long-time girlfriend have been plagued by cheating rumors, but the last time around it was Jaden who was publicly rumored to have been unfaithful. Jaden Smith just turned 18 years old on July 8, and he spent his big birthday partying around London. During the revelry, Jaden was photographed hanging out with a mystery brunette, and the internet wondered if something scandalous might have gone on. However, when Jaden made it back to the States, he and Sarah were almost immediately spotted out together looking happier than ever.

Jaden Smith’s relationship with Sarah Snyder has been plagued by scandal almost since it began, and most of the drama has been related to Sarah, who has a reputation for notoriety. When the pair started dating, she was an adult and Jaden Smith was still a minor. At the time, his career was entering one of its highest points ever. He was involved in high-profile films and embarking on a now-unique and highly successful modeling career (Jaden is now the first male face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s line); he was also just transitioning from a child star and the spawn of Hollywood royalty to a superstar in his own right.

At the same time, Jaden Smith’s new girlfriend Snyder was embroiled in a theft scandal; she was arrested and charged for allegedly lifting a Hermes purse from a friend’s apartment. The bag was worth thousands of dollars and Snyder’s legal troubles stretched out for months before finally ending when the charges against her were dropped.

Jaden Smith’s controversial girlfriend was also caught on video snorting a white powder identified in the clip as cocaine and photographed with a mouth full of pills believed to be Xanax.

According to multiple reports, the consistent drug-related drama didn’t endear her to Jaden Smith’s family.

Now, after a year of struggles and tribulations, both Jaden and Snyder are officially of age and their budding young romance should be doing better than ever. Unfortunately, now it appears to be mired in one of its most profound challenges yet. So far, Jaden Smith hasn’t publicly commented on the drama surrounding his relationship status.

[Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images]