‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 6 Casting Rumors: Young Dro Joining Cast — Does This Prove He Is The Father Of Joseline Hernandez’s Baby?

Even though filming hasn’t started yet for Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, there are already rumors about which cast members may or may not be returning to the VH1 reality show. The first newcomer to the series for the upcoming season is said to be Young Dro. Does that mean Joseline Hernandez is really pregnant with his child and not Stevie J’s as she keeps claiming?

It’s no secret that Joseline is pregnant since the reality star has been showing off her growing belly for weeks now. Naturally, fans didn’t believe the pregnancy claims at first because the Puerto Rican princess is known to tell some wild stories and do anything for attention. It’s become increasingly clear that she really is with child, and she has claimed repeatedly that Stevie J is the father.

On the contrary, Stevie J not only has denied father Joseline’s child but after a series of accusations slung at him by Joseline Hernandez, he went so far as to file a restraining order against his former fake wife to keep her away. This has led Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans to wonder who might have fathered Joseline’s child.

During the Season 5 reunion special, Joseline claimed that she just found out she was pregnant. She then hijacked the end of the first part of the special and will undoubtedly revisit the pregnancy story when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns on Monday to finish up the reunion. During the show, Joseline claimed that she did sleep with Stevie J while they were still in Los Angeles but not since.

According to Hernandez, the encounter was just three months ago (keeping in mind that the reunion special was taped at the end of June) and that she hadn’t had a period since. There was no talk at all about what Joseline has been up to since splitting with Stevie and whether she has been with anyone else. It seems that Joseline and possibly even the LHHATL producers would like fans to continue believing that Stevie J is the father of her child when in reality, there is a pretty good chance that he is not.

The Jasmine Brand was one of the first to report that Young Dro has signed on to film for Season 6 of LHHATL. The Atlanta rapper has been romantically linked to Joseline during the time when she would have become pregnant and is definitely a candidate for a paternity test. Rumor has it that Young Dro’s storyline for the VH1 reality show will involve Joseline Hernandez. Whether they plan to pin him as her baby daddy or not is still up in the air. Previously, Dro and Joseline have argued that they were just working on music together.

During a recent radio interview on Streets 94.5, Young Dro refused to say anything bad about Stevie J and offered up a shout out to Joseline Hernandez and her baby. It was when the rapper threw down a “no comment” about whether or not he was the father of Joseline’s child that rumors started to really circulate, suggesting that he might be.

It’s hard to believe that Young Dro would be joining the Season 6 cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta if his only involvement with Joseline Hernandez is to collaborate on a music project together. Many fans believe that Dro and Joseline are collaborating on a lot more than music, and they expect to find out all about it during the next season of the VH1 hit.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]