Shannon Beador Denies Being A Racist After Saying Kelly Dodd Looked ‘Like An Indian,’ Cheers On Jenni Pulos For Defending Her

Shannon Beador is getting a lot of criticism and fan backlash over something she said to Kelly Dodd during their meeting to talk about their fight at Shannon’s 70”s-themed party. On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that aired on Monday night, Shannon and Kelly met up for the first time since their viscous verbal fight at the party. Kelly set up the meeting because she wanted to know whether Shannon really did set her up by having her two friends, Nina and Jaci, at the party to spread negative gossip about her.

Not surprisingly, the meeting between the two women did not go well. At one point, Shannon yelled at Kelly for having called her ugly at the party, to which Kelly said that she only meant that her costume was ugly. In response, Shannon yelled back that Kelly looked “like an Indian” at the party.

What did Shannon mean by that comment? In response to heavy criticism and backlash for that comment, Shannon explained that she only said that Kelly’s costume wasn’t ’70s-themed but rather looked Native American.

Many people called out Shannon for backtracking and lying about what she said. They pointed out that Shannon definitely said “Indian,” a term that many find offensive.

During their meeting together, Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd got heated as Kelly brought up the reasons why she thinks she was set up and Shannon continued to say that she didn’t do such a thing. Shannon said that she doesn’t have a party to set people up. Shannon then pointed out how Kelly behaved wrongly. Shannon told Kelly that she insulted a third of her guests, and that she told her that she was ugly. Kelly apologized for that and said that she only thought that Shannon’s outfit was ugly.

“Okay I apologize for that. I thought your outfit was but I don’t think you’re ugly.”

Shannon then blurted out that Kelly looked “like an Indian.”

“Who cares? You looked like an Indian!”

Kelly, who is of Mexican heritage and from Arizona, was immediately offended.

“But are you saying, are you saying Indians look ugly? Is that what you’re saying? You just insinuated that Indians are ugly.”

Shannon sighed and said she didn’t mean that Indians are ugly.

The scene then showed Shannon saying, during a confessional interview, that Kelly’s Native American name would be “Dances with Bulls**t.”

“Kelly’s Native American name clearly would be Dances with Bulls**t.”

Shannon received even more negative comments on her Instagram page in response to a photo that she posted of herself with her husband, David Beador. People told Shannon that her “Indian” comment was hurtful and offensive. Others speculated that Shannon looks down on people of color, and so thinks that Kelly is beneath her. Some people told Shannon that while they liked her when she first joined the show, she has since become mean, negative, and judgmental. Some even told Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen that Shannon shouldn’t be allowed on the show anymore.

Shannon made clear that she still has a problem with Kelly when, as the scene aired, Shannon tweeted that Kelly drank a whole bottle of wine by the end of their short after-lunch meeting. Was Shannon insinuating that Kelly drinks too much? During their fight at the ’70s party, Shannon screamed for Kelly, who slurred her words, to have another drink. As with Shannon’s previous tweet, her tweet about Kelly’s drinking received many critical comments. People pointed out that Shannon has often been shown on the show drinking a lot, specifically hard liquor.

Kelly responded to Shannon’s tweet with humor.

Shannon also re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that reminded everyone of the TMZ video that caught Kelly seemingly in a racist rant against African Americans.

At least Shannon Beador has one person on her side when it comes to her feud with Kelly Dodd. Flipping Out star Jenni Pulos, as well as her boss Jeff Lewis, is good friends with Shannon. On Monday night, both Kelly and Jenni appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live. During their appearance together, Jenni criticized Kelly for her comments and behavior towards Shannon. There seemed to be so much tension between Jenni and Kelly that Andy even asked them if they do not like each other. Jenni explained that as someone whose ex cheated on her, and as Shannon’s friend, she doesn’t like how Kelly yelled out to Shannon that it’s no wonder her husband cheated on her.

Shannon re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that praised Jenni for “reading” Kelly.

Kelly didn’t seem to mind Jenni’s critiques. Kelly later tweeted that she had a lot of fun with Andy and Jenni.

Yet in response to a viewer who told Kelly that she was set up once again and that it wasn’t fair for her to have to be on with one of Shannon’s friends, Kelly agreed.

A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County shows that Kelly Dodd will once again cause a lot of fury when she hangs out with the group, including Shannon Beador, again.

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